Home Sweet Home: The Bedroom

Hi folks, I'm Amanda and I'm a DIY-aholic.

I've noticed a nerdy trend over the past couple of years. It seems whenever there's school vacation I tend to become completely immersed in home improvement projects. Whether it's sprucing up old dressers and desks or making a new marble chip walkway out front; I'm almost certainly covered in dirt or paint. I think it's my teacher mind seeking a creative and expressive outlet. Well, that and a sick obsession with Pinterest. So, of course, this school vacation was no different. I took to Pinterest on Sunday evening in hopes of some inspiration to spruce up our bedroom and then this happened.

Everyone, say hello to my February Break project! 

Isn't it amazing how much of an impact a cheap shelf from Lowe's, a few brackets and some happy smiley family pictures can make? 

Last Mother's Day Carl surprised my picture obsessed ass and got me a really nice Canon camera. Since then I've been snapping pictures left, right and center and over the last year I've accumulated a few really nice ones. Really nice ones that have been sitting in a neatly organized folder on our computer. Crying. Waiting to see the light of day. Waiting for an ornate picture frame. It was sad. But then I spotted the idea to add a shelf above the headboard and thought it would be a fantastic home for some of our favorite photos. It's an abundance of sweet Olivia of course, as well as our fur baby Treacle Kitty, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Waking up each morning to see my lovies smiling at me is special and rewarding. It makes me want to yell "LOOK WHAT I DID!" like a 3 year old who finally pooped on the potty. I think, deep down, my February break happy family shelf is making up for that nonexistent trophy shelf from high school. It's marvelous and I am in love.

Thanks again, Pinterest, for that DIY kick up the pants my sweet husband doesn't understand or appreciate.  


  1. So, of course, this school vacation was no different. I took to Pinterest on Sunday evening in hopes of some inspiration to spruce up our bedroom and then this happened.

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