Olivia is a wild ONE!

Why is it the minute you have a child you're sucked into a space-time vortex which makes each hour feel like a second, each week feel like a day and each year feel like that Friday last month? 

Not only am I in shock that on Thanksgiving Day we celebrated Olivia's first birthday (um, how is this possible?) but I'm also in shock that it's now 2016 and I'm only just composing the post. I swear I haven't been blowing bubbles and twirling in circles for the last 2 months.

Time, please slow down.

Regardless of the tardiness, I felt motivated on this lazy Monday home from school with Olivia to bust out the dusty laptop during her morning nap and finally share the awesomeness that was her "Wild One" birthday party. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much of an obsession I have with children's books. And my husband, more than anyone, can attest to our ever growing library in and all around our house. I love books and it's important to me they're a massive part of Olivia's childhood, even her first birthday celebration. Where The Wild Things Are is a classic that I was first properly introduced to when I moved to England and began my teaching degree. A girlfriend in my dorm shared it with me as her childhood favorite, and since then I've read it to every single class I've ever taught and to Olivia almost as many times. Livie happily drums on the pages and screeches in excitement when the Wild Things first make their grand appearance. Go figure, my wild thing going wild about other wild things? It all just seemed to fit into place, and the celebration of our wild thing turning a wild ONE was born and was a huge success.

 I made her first cake to look like a pop up version of the book.


While I was in the hospital those 8 weeks on bed rest/recovering from Olivia's birth, I made friends with an unbelievable woman named Lindsay who had also been in the hospital on bed rest all of that time (plus a few more weeks) with her twin boys. We 'lived' next to each other and our rooms shared a bathroom. Throughout those weeks we became friends and I can honestly say there were days that I'd have sat alone in my room crying had I not been able to shuffle over to visit with her. We became prego craving besties and there's no one else on the planet I'd rather share a bacon pepperoni pizza or toasted bagel with. Her boys were born a few weeks after Olivia and I was blessed to be able to see them in the NICU while Olivia was there. Colton and Camden are tough cookies just like Olivia and it was a necessity we get a photo shoot with all 3 of them together. My goodness, what a difference year makes. From tiny babies in our bellies to healthy, rambunctious little people. I'm so thankful for our friendship with the Wilson family and having them there was very special.

We celebrated, we laughed, we made memories surrounded by all of our family and friends. Together we marveled over Olivia's health, strength and determination as we watched her unwrap presents, taste sweet crumbly cake and shiver at the cold of ice cream for the first time. It was a day I won't forget. Our little isn't quite so little. Every day she changes. Every day she grows. Every day, little by little, she is becoming more and more of the amazing human being I'd always envisioned. My very favorite person this whole entire earth.  

We love you sweet little Baba. We can't wait to watch you rock that 2nd year just as much as the first.


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