Christmas Eve

This. This right here. This is what dreams and happiness and magic and love are made of. Sitting in the darkness of our livingroom just admiring the tree. Our tree in our new home. With gifts for our loved ones, for our little girl. Our precious, healthy little girl that this very night last year was sleeping in a NICU isolette. Our kitten sits proudly below like that giant stuffed bear with a bow. Stillness dimly light by majestic twinkle lights. Cinnamon and fresh balsam wafting through the air. I cried. I am so thankful and full of love that there aren't any words at all. None that sum up how content I feel in this moment. 

Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy every single second with your families. I hope you too feel the happiness and magic and love. And I hope, in the midst of the crazy, you too are able to take a second to soak it all in. To be in the moment. Because before you know it it'll be July and we will be missing this magical time again.