Olivia Lynne: Six Months

Today you're 1/2 a year. How can that possibly be? 

I feel like it was only last week I was snuggling your fragile little 2lb body in my arms; and now here you are. Nearly 13lbs of chunky yummy goodness blowing bubbles and screeching at your peacock mobile. Your smile is infectious, your chuckle is the cutest thing in the entire universe and when you eat your fingers your lip smackin' can be heard 3 counties over.  You love to roll, are so incredibly close to sitting up all on your own and pull Mama's hair and Daddy's beard like you're in a fierce competition of tug-a-war. You eat the lace curtains by the changing mat daily, love the Big Band station on Pandora and your favorite story is The Bear Went Over The Mountain. You are unstoppable. A true example of what a miracle looks like and every day you make your Daddy and I beam with unimaginable pride.

Back in November, as I laid in a hospital bed listening to doctors and nurses preparing me for life with a premature IUGR baby, I used to envision you at this age. Big, beautiful, full of sass and personality. You are all of what I'd imagined and so so much more. And I still whisper to you every single day what I used to whisper to you when you were wiggling inside my belly.

Prove them all wrong, grow big and strong.

We love you, Olivia Lynne. 
May the other 1/2 of your first year be as magical and unforgettable as the first.