Halloween 2015

Olvia's first Halloween was by far the sweetest of any others in my past. At home our happy little unicorn had fun reaching her hands into the crinkly bucket of our trick or treater's candy (where Whoppers were her candy wrapper of choice to chew on - girls got good taste, what can I say?) She enjoyed poking at her very own "one buckie" jack-o-lantern and explored the crunchy fall leaves on our walkway until it was time to venture down the street. Olivia's very first trick or treating adventure was at her Godmothers house where she was spoiled rotten with kisses and goodies. It was there she sampled her first ever piece of candy, a tangy pink lollipop which she discovered served not only as food, but a drum. We left for home sticky, smiling and babbling loudly. Olivia's first Halloween was a sweet success filled with many giggles, new tastes and an incredibly adorable (albeit hot) fluffy pink outfit she'll probably never let us put her in again. If this year was this much fun, I can hardly wait for the next. 


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