The Cake Files: Where The Wild Things Are Pop Up Book (Olivia's 1st Birthday Cake)

I don't know as I could count the number of cakes I've made over the years. For family, for friends, for weddings, for gender reveals, for vow renewals; for so many different occasions. But I have to admit, this one was the most special. Our Livie's 1st birthday cake.  From a technical standpoint it's not the most difficult cake I've ever made - not even close. It's straight up buttercream, some piping, some gold sprinkles and some careful placement. Many people have asked what the pictures are made from, and as much as I wish I could say they're gum paste shapes I've laboriously spent hours hand painting to look identical to the illustrations in the book...I can't. My nose would grow so long my in-laws could use it as a foot bridge from England. The truth is far more simple. I clipped chosen pictures from an old used and abused Where The Wild Things Are book I purchased for .63 on Amazon and laminated them. Yup, it's really that easy. Easy, but effective. My whole intention for this cake was to make it feel like a book. A pop up book. And I really feel as though I achieved that. Best part? I cleaned up the laminated cut outs and glued popsicle sticks to the back. In a few months I'll pass them to Olivia and she'll have some bad ass puppets. It's a win-win.  



Before I became a mother everyone told me to be sure that I hold onto that 'thing' that I enjoy. That I don't 100% completely devote myself only to my family, and the dishes, and the laundry, and my job etc... They told me to hold on so tightly to that 'thing' that recharges my mind and body and soul, that my knuckles turn white and the tips of my fingers tingle. Because "every mother needs time to herself." Time to listen (and really listen without the distraction of a crying baby, or the clinking of the forks against the plates in the soapy dishwater) to her thoughts. To do that 'thing' that makes her feel free, joyous, peaceful and like that careless woman she was before the worries of motherhood consumed her thoughts every waking hour of the day. 

Today a friend told me they missed my blog posts and asked why it had been so long since I'd written. It was at that point that I realized that since I've become a mother I have blogged a total of 6 times. 

6 times in nearly a year.

It occurred to me just how much time every day I devote to my beautiful family, and the dishes, and the laundry, my job, other peoples children etc...How much time every single parent devotes to their beautiful family, and the housework, and their career.

My family is precious. Our time with 'baby' Olivia is marvelous and fleeting. And while I do not regret a single second I've spent cuddling her sweet little body, or feeding her growing mind, or watching, in awe, how unbelievably wonderful of a tiny person she is becoming, I do wish that I had found more time at the end of those busy days to sit and reflect and write. I wish I had taken the time to better document our moments and memories. That I had held on tighter to that 'thing', my writing, that recharges my mind and body a soul. 

So thank you, to that friend who told me they missed my blog posts and asked me a question which led me to reflect. To really reflect. 

I've missed my blog too. I was holding too loosely to my 'thing' that recharges my batteries and too tightly to silly things like dishes and laundry and the Swiffer Wet Jet. 

Hello again, blog. I can already feel more juice in my batteries.