Olivia Lynne: 7 Months

You are 7 months old and absolutely full of wonder, curiosity and giggles. Such a happy baby, you give Cheshire cat smiles to any and everyone. Everything within a 5 mile radius has been or soon will be in your mouth - especially your toes. You love food, but have a special place in your heart for carrots, broccoli, avocado and pears. Today you tried banana pancakes for the first time and thought they were so delicious you shared them with the dog and squealed when she licked your sticky baby fingers. Bobbi Jo Kitty is the most amazing thing you've ever seen and you sit silently admiring her fur. You adore your 5 year old friend Sophia and instantly crane your neck to see where she is the minute you hear her voice. You love to stand up and hold hands and can sit up all on your own, only needing a gentle guiding hand on your back. You're affectionately known as a drama queen and spend your days screeching or chattering to anything with eyeballs. Wash clothes are your chew toy of choice and Mommy and Daddy feel baby tooth bumps on your gums. You sleep all the way through the night and refuse to lay any way but on your tummy or side, just like Mommy. 
You amaze us every single day with your desire to learn and explore. You're so in tune to your surroundings and will spend minutes investigating the tiniest parts of your toys. I love that I can watch your little face and see the discovery in your eyes and facial expressions.
I've never been so unapologetically proud of someone in my whole entire life. To watch you thrive, grow and change is an absolute blessing.  


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