Birth Announcement

Instead of framing a cute traditional birth announcement, I wanted to do something a little different. So, of course I took to Etsy. I love Etsy. In fact, I'm kind of an Etsy fanatic. And after searching what felt like 8,087 million different subway art or wall art options, I stumbled across the idea of a "birth story" that I could write and personalize. 

I ordered Olivia's birth story from The Bloom Studio. They have more traditional templates where it mentions holding your baby in your arms after an easy labor...but my labor was horrendous and Olivia was born via c-section, too small, and I was too sick to hold her until after she was a day old... so that 'traditional' template didn't work for me. I basically re-wrote my own story template to better suit Olivia's birth and they were SO receptive to all of my 'extra words.' 

I am in love with the finished result. Olivia's story makes me cry every time I read it. I still picture the snow falling outside my delivery suit as I'd wished. I remember laying on the operating table hearing her cry loudly for the first time and Dr. Capeless excitedly yelling "Do you hear that Amanda? She's crying. That's a fantastic sign. She's breathing on her own!" I remember shivering uncontrollably after my c-section and staring in astonishment at the cell phone picture my husband shared with me from his first visit to the NICU to see our brand new baby. Looking at her tiny body with his giant wedding ring around her arm, I felt overwhelming pride in my newborn daughters determination to prove all of the doctors wrong, and regardless of her prematurity and size, enter the world strong willed and determined. Reading the details brings me back. They make it real. They make me so unbelievably proud. They make me burst with love.

 Next to Olivia's first ever picture, this will take pride of pace on our family gallery wall. As will all of the other "birth stories" I write for our future children. 


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