The Cake Files: Baby Boy Gift Box

Hello, my name is Amanda and I have no brain.

This morning I delivered a beautiful baby shower cake - one of the most difficult I've made yet, thanks to the suspended open box top - and forgot to take proper pictures. I actually forgot to take pictures.Who does that?!

Oh, hey guys!

So a couple hours after letting the realization that I'm a complete and utter bone head set in, I've come to terms with the fact that this edition of the cake files will be a little lackluster in the photo department. I did take one very quick, badly angled, poorly lit, decorating items littered Instagram photo that I shared last night. It does no justice whatsoever to my hard work and adorable little fondant baby face, but it's a picture nonetheless. And while I'm over here whining, the pregnant mama is enjoying her little fondant baby at her shower this afternoon and sent me a message saying she's absolutely tickled pink with the end result. Which is really all that matters in the end.


Baby Anderson: 19 Weeks

How Far Along? 19 weeks. 

Size of Baby? A large heirloom tomato (about 6 inches long, and now weighs 8 1/2 ounces).
Gender? This time next week we will have had my 20 week ultrasound and be carrying out of the hospital an envelope with the gender of our baby written inside. I'm practically peeing my pants with excitement. Mostly because I can't wait to see Poppy on the ultrasound, since we haven't been since 8 weeks, but also because next Sunday is our Gender Reveal party with close friends and family. 

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? I haven't weighed myself since last week (but seriously, stepping on the scale and watching it creep up sucks - pregnant or not. So please excuse me if I 'accidentally' wake up and 'forget' to sleepily wonder to the scale after my 80th pee of the morning). Anywho, I'll update after my 20 week appointment. I'm guessing I'm creeping up to the double digits. Lord almighty. 

Stretch Marks? Still no stretch marks. Coconut oil for the win!

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Happily on, although my fingers still swell like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters when I go for walks. It's Beyonce hot. 

Maternity Clothes? Heck yes. I'm 100% a maternity pants kinda girl now and l-o-v-i-n-g my Gap maternity leggings and dresses. I ordered a few neutral H&M maternity shirts last week that arrived today, as well as a few more gems from Swap.com. I have to admit, maternity clothes are unbelievably comfortable...even if my full panel jeans prove to be a royal pain in the ass...as they're halfway down my ass...while I'm pretending to march like a dinosaur with 5 year olds, or play Simon Says (let me tell ya, touching my toes is dangerous these days). 

Sleep? Peeing all hours of the night, but I'm far more comfortable now that I have my beloved pregnancy pillow. I ordered a cute pillowcase for it as it originally arrived case-less and I was worried it would get dirty. Starting to have some crazy dreams about cheese (weird) and confetti canons (say what?) going off at school.  

Movement? I've felt our wiggle worm a couple times in the morning and when I'm laying in bed at night. It's the most amazing feeling. Like little fairy wings tickling me. I  can't stop smiling every time it happens. 

Symptoms? I feel SO much better. It's amazing! I occasionally have heartburn, but even that's improved. At the beginning of the week I was busy setting up our classroom when I realized I'd forgot to eat all morning and I had to gobble down a Snickers bar before I passed out. I felt so dizzy and weak. No bueno. I've got to force myself to snack all throughout the day, even when I'm busy chasing little bundles of joy around school.  

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? I referred to a graveyard as a grocery store today. I also keep confusing two little boys at school. Poor Rowan and Kalder. At least they're patient as they smile, roll their eyes and say "That's not my name!" 

Mood Swings? I'm definitely feeling much happier and bubbly. Still a pansy, though. I must say, watching a bit of Ladder 49 last night was not my brightest idea. I stood in the hallway bawling as John Travolta pulled up in that red car. Then I went and sat in bed crying to Carl, ranting and  raving about how much I love firefighters and how that's got to be one of the most heartbreaking movies ever made.   

Cravings? Raspberry bars, and nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans). 

Food Aversions? The same. Hating tuna and seafood. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Having one of my students stand in line yesterday afternoon and rub my belly saying "Awww, there's a baby in there!" I nearly died of cuteness overload.    

What I Miss? Sleeping through the night. Aside from that I'm loving being pregnant. 

Looking Forward To? Our ultrasound next week! 


The Cake Files: Buttercream Roses

This past weekend I had the pleasure of creating 'girly cupcakes' for my high school girlfriend, Ashley, and her daughter. Sweet little Josie was turning 1 and needed a "pretty" cupcake she could taste, mush and squish! I thought these sparkly little buttercream roses were perfect for the occasion.
Josie must have thought so too! 


Baby Anderson: 18 Weeks

How Far Along? 18 weeks. 

Size of Baby? A bell pepper (about 5 1/2 inches long, and now weighs 7 ounces).
Gender? We've finally booked our gender ultrasound on the 4th of September! Yay! Carl and I won't find out until the 7th at our gender reveal party with friends and family. It's all so exciting I could pee my pants! I still think our love bug is a girl, while Carl's convinced it's a boy. But more important than the gender I'm really excited to see Poppy on the ultrasound again. We haven't seen them since they were a tiny blob 10 weeks ago. I just want to see all of their fingers and toes and know they're healthy and growing big and strong. 

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained a total of 8.5 lbs. 

Stretch Marks? Still no stretch marks! Yay! Vigilant with my coconut oil routine.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Happily on, although my fingers now swell SO much when I go for long walks that I can't get my rings off until a half an hour later. I think I'm going to start walking ring-less while shaking my ass down the road and singing Single Ladies. 

Maternity Clothes? I ordered a couple pairs of Gap maternity leggings and I don't think I'll ever get out of them. They're SO comfortable! Wearing all maternity pants now, but I can still get away with some pre-pregnancy flowy shirts. Really loving tunics and dresses with belts. 

Sleep? Can I just say...my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is officially the shit, my friends. I genuinely don't know how I ever survived without it. It's like cuddling a giant friendly puffy cloud. Pure bliss. My sleep has considerably improved and my hips don't hurt as much in the morning. I couldn't be happier.

Movement? YES!!! On Saturday morning I finally felt the baby move/kick! I was on the way to work for parent playground clean-up day when I felt the most precious little flutter. I immediately started crying and startled Carl when I yelled out that I'd felt the baby. It was the most amazing thing I've experienced yet and I immediately felt my love explode for our baby. My heart is already overflowing.

Symptoms? Over the last week I've really started to feel considerably better. It's glorious as I  really think the famous "second trimester honeymoon period" has officially set in. Yeah, baby! I'm enjoying my 4.5 mile walks and haven't felt sick in days.

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? I asked one of my students today to hang their panting up on a "toothpick" when I totally meant clothes pin. 

Mood Swings? I'm definitely feeling much happier and bubbly. Still crying at the drop of the hat these days.   

Cravings? Not really craving anything specific, although I'm loving eating apples and drinking tangy juice daily.

Food Aversions? Still the same. Hating tuna and seafood. The smell of meat isn't making me feel gross anymore, which is nice considering meat is practically all hubby eats.  

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Feeling the baby move definitely tops the list of most amazing moments in my life, but I've really loved spending the past week putting together the classroom for this years kiddos. I got to meet the youngest of our two classes today and it was amazing. I couldn't be more excited for this year. I'm finally working in a school where I really feel like I belong, with co-workers I enjoy and parents who are willing to go above and beyond. In addition to that I have amazing hours, summers off and school vacations to recharge my batteries. I've taken this week to really reflect upon how blessed I am.   

What I Miss? Nothing. I'm starting to really love being pregnant!  

Looking Forward To? Finding out if Poppy is a he or a she in two weeks!! 


Baby Anderson: 17 Weeks

How Far Along? 17 weeks. 

Size of Baby? A turnip! (about 5 inches long, and now weighs 5 ounces).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but everyone (aside from Carl and my friend Kelsey- everybody say, HI KELSEY!) thinks it's a girl.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained a total of 8lbs. 

Stretch Marks? Still no stretch marks! Yay! Vigilant with my coconut oil routine.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Very happily on.

Maternity Clothes? Loving my maternity pants - espcially as I feel like Poppy has really POPPED this week. Flowy tunics and leggings rock my socks. I also scored a few great maternity deals via Zulily yesterday that I'm excited to have arrive!
Sleep? Sleeping much better at night, except for last night when I got up to pee 6 time. SIX TIMES, PEOPLE! In other news, my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is in transit! I'm excitedly waiting for it to change my life tomorrow evening!

Movement? Still no flitters. I can't wait to feel my Poppy do Karate!  

Symptoms? Over the last two days I've discovered the hard way what happens when I eat too many blueberries. Starting to get some killer heartburn in the evenings when I lay down for bed. Other than that, all is well! 

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Still can't count. I also stopped at a green light yesterday until I was honked at. Oy vey. 

Mood Swings? Emotional. I cried crocodile tears this morning when they announced that Savannah Guthrie from the TODAY show had a baby girl (which they've named Vale! How unique!). I also can't stop crying about Robin William's death.  

Cravings? Cheerios! Mmmmmm! 

Food Aversions? Same as always. Hating tuna, seafood and boiled eggs. The smell of most meats (especially hamburger, sausages and pot roast) make me feel yucky. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Having my nursing pillow arrive! Hurray! Also loved chatting with my English bestie, Toni, via Google Chat this evening. Our video conferences make the Atlantic Ocean feel smaller. It makes me smile.  

What I Miss? Not peeing 80,847,875,397,453 times a day and night. Being able to control my gas bubbles (What?! This is true life happening up in here). 

Looking Forward To? Sending out the invitations for our gender reveal party in a couple of weeks! YAY! 


Robin Williams

I loved him in so so many movies throughout my childhood. From Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Fern Gully and Flubber to my favorites as an adult - Dead Poet's Society, Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting. But it was his performance in Patch Adams that touched me the most. Not the part where he puts bed pans on his feet and walks around like a clown for children with cancer; or even when he makes the front doors of the university auditorium into a woman's vagina for the visiting gynecologists - a huge banner above the spread paper mâché legs that reads: "Welcome Gynos. At your cervix!". It's the way he reads Sonnet XVII I Do Not Love You that makes me cry - every time. It's the way he perfectly portrays the monumental sentiment and meaning behind the words. It's the way his performance made me fall so in love with a poem that I would later incorporate verses of it into my own wedding vows.

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.
I've never been effected by a celebrities passing before. I've never cried or been overwhelmed by genuine sadness. Why would I? I've never met them. I've never shared memories or laughs or stories.

But last night I laid in my bed and I cried thinking about the huge hole Robin William's passing will leave in the world. I cried thinking about how a man whose entire life was dedicated to making millions of people - people like you and me - smile and laugh could feel so unbelievably sad, broken and alone that he could take his own life. 

The Academy said it better than anyone ever could yesterday when they tweeted:
"Genie, you're free."


The Cake Files: Ombre Buttercream "Frozen" Cake

Here it is, folks! Lauren's sparkly ombre buttercream cake is the latest installment in the Cake Files; and the latest of many Frozen themed cakes this year. They're all the rage!
While I didn't actually sculpt all of the figurines from fondant this time around, I still think they're adorable. Lauren's Momma, my high school friend Ashley, and I both agreed that plastic figurines would be best (thank you, eBay). The benefit of plastic figurines being that Lauren could continue to enjoy Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Sven and Kristoff even after they were de-buttercreamed.
Frozen characters, sparkly flowflakes, swirly sweet buttercream, shiny silver and cream edible pearls. What's a 4 year old little girl not to love?

To see other Frozen themed cakes I've done, visit these posts!


Baby Anderson: 16 Weeks

How Far Along? 16 weeks. 

Size of Baby? An avocado (about 4 1/2 inches, and now weighs 3 1/2 ounces).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but everyone (aside from Carl and my friend Kelsey) is still convinced it's a girl.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained a total of 7lbs. 

Stretch Marks? Still stretch mark-less! Woohoo! Really enjoying my nightly coconut oil routine, although I'm starving by the end of it. Ha! 

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Very happily on.

Maternity Clothes? I'm officially in maternity pants now, and boy is it GLORIOUS! There are certain pants that belly bands still work on, but I'm finding my maternity pants most comfortable. I've got a total of 3 pairs now (1 navy corduroy, and 2 pairs of boot cut jeans which I ordered from Swap.com for a total of $22. Boom!) Most exciting thing? Discovering that I'm still comfortably wearing the same size pant as I was when I first lost my 56lbs almost 3 years ago. Success! I still plan to order some Gap maternity leggings within the next week and some  cute tunics. 
Sleep? Sleeping much better at night. Still peeing more than I ever did before being pregnant, but it's become the norm. My Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow has finally been ordered and I'm counting down the days til it arrives! 

Movement? I still haven't felt any flutters yet, but we got to hear little Love Bug's heartbeat again at our prenatal appointment this evening! It's one of the best sounds in the whole world. I could listen to their little heartbeat every day and never get sick of it.  

Symptoms? I'm finally starting to feel better! Hurray! Still nauseous if I go too long without eating, but it's quickly rectified the minute I snack. Only getting sick when I eat something that the baby clearly doesn't enjoy - kinda like the cheesy fries I had at the Fair on Tuesday night. I'd literally been waiting months to eat them. Come to find out, Poppy's not a cheese fry fan. Not sure why that deep fried fake orange cheese concoction wouldn't be appetizing to them?

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Oh, I  constantly have pregnancy brain moments. In fact, they're so common I really feel like I'm brain-less a lot of the time.  Still trying to pull doors that say push, I  can't count as a 26 year old woman should be able to, and on Monday I referred to a pineapple as a pistachio...because they look so similar.

Mood Swings? Still emotional. Commercials continue to make me bawl, and music. I do think that my crabby moments are improving though, ever so slightly (my husband, friends and family can all breathe a slight sigh of relief). 

Cravings? As I said I was craving cheese fries for the longest time, but that's gone way out the window. In fact, I don't want them again for months maybe years. I'm now really excited about anything lemon. Lemonade, lemon crepes, lemon and blueberry pancakes. Mm! 

Food Aversions? Still hating tuna, seafood and boiled eggs. The smell of some meats (hamburger, sausages) make me feel queasy. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Hearing Poppy's heart beat at the doctors office, and hearing one of my Autistic kiddos say "Make sure you tell me in 4 weeks what Poppy is! I need to know if it's a girl or a boy!" My heart melted. 

What I Miss? Not peeing 80,847,875,397,453 times a day. Hubby also discovered that Woodchuck (my FAVORITE beer. Go Vermont! ) has a new limited edition apple pie flavor out. I wish so badly I could drink it. It only dawned on me this week that my ritual of getting up at 6am to bake pumpkin pies and start the Thanksgiving dinner while sipping a Fall Woodchuck won't happen this year. Instead I'm going to have to concoct some killer spiced cider mocktail. Hubby could tell I was a little bummed so he's promised to stock up on the limited time fall flavor when it comes out so that after Poppy is born I can savor it's fall yumminess in the middle of winter. Haha! 

Looking Forward To? We've officially booked our 20 week ultrasound when the doctors will seal into an envelope whether Poppy is a he or a she! We're excited to find out with our friends and family at our gender reveal party. I've already started shopping and the anticipation is killing me!