The Big Reveal

On Saturday we finally shared with our family and friends the big news. Best part? It was even more wonderful than we'd imagined. Our parents reactions couldn't have been more hilarious and touching. Carl's Nana's quiet tear-filled excitement was heartwarming, and the loud roar of shock and excitement from our friends was priceless.

Both of our parents discovered that they were going to be Grandparents by opening a picture frame filled with our gorgeous pregnancy announcement photos that Maegan had taken at Shelburne Farms. I spent hours carefully perusing the aisles of Michael's craft store for cute chevron and polka dot backing paper that perfectly matched the colors in our fancy photos and their frames (Lord, I pray our child doesn't inherit my OCD traits or we're sure as hell in for it). After my obsessive organization of all the frames and photographs, Carl and I carefully bubble wrapped Mama Lynne and Papa Garry's photo frame and sent it to jolly ol' England in the same box that had Nana's special 80th birthday present. (What better birthday present than finding out you're going to be a great nana for the very first time)? Mama Lynne and Papa Garry would open theirs before heading to Nana's big party on Saturday evening, and my parents would open theirs Saturday afternoon in front of all our friends and family at a big BBQ at their house. Nana would open her frame at her big shindig, where the remainder of Carl's family would find out together. It was the perfect plot, and something we worked super hard to time so that all of our loves ones -sprinkled around the world- would find out together within the space of a few hours. 
Hello billions of unwwanted grey hairs.
 How did we ever survive before there were smartphones? Just picture it. Loads of us sitting in caves picking our noses and prodding at fires while waiting for a carrier pigeon to drop a letter on our head.
Technology is such a wonderful, brilliant, beautiful thing.
And because of it, Carl and I were not only able to watch and share these amazing memories, but actually be a part of them. We could be present for and a part of our big reveals, both here and across the pond.

Lynne and Garry filmed themselves opening their frame, my best friend so kindly filmed my parents opening theirs, and Papa Garry filmed Nana as she Skyped with Carl and I while opening hers.
(if you're reading this post from your phone, click the 3 pictures below to launch the videos)



All of these loud, wiggly, crooked, blurry cell phone videos are perfect. They're perfect because they capture some of the most special moments Carl and I have ever shared with our loved ones. They're perfect because they're keeping us all connected. They're perfect because they make me cry massive happy crocodile tears that prove how technology can make that massive wet void that is the Atlantic Ocean between our families seem smaller than a mud puddle - even if only for a small minute. 

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. I think they're right.
Mom and Dad opening their frame.
The exact minute Mom figured it out. (Poor Dad was still so confused).
Mom yelling "I knew it! I knew it!"

My best friends face when she found out. She looks so happy,
it makes me cry every single time I look at it.
So many wonderful memories were made. I will never forget how my legs were shaking uncontrollably as I hugged Mom right as she jumped up from her chair crying. I'll never forget trying not to cry as Carl and I excitedly announced "you're going to be a Great Nana!" over Skype. I'll never forget how both of our father's had the exact same response of "it's time! It's about time."

Sharing with our loved ones that we are pregnant was truly amazing. I can't hardly wait to welcome our baby into this world and introduce them to all of these amazing people Carl and I are so lucky to know and love. I have never felt so blessed and thankful in my entire life.


And then there were 3...

Carl and I are absolutely over the moon to announce that sweet baby Anderson will be joining us in January 2015!
Our future is so unbelievably bright. There are no words to express how truly grateful, blessed and excited we are. We are overflowing with joy and so so much love. We can't wait to share our journey from husband and wife to Mommy and Daddy with our friends and family both here in Vermont and back in England.

All of our love,
Carl, Amanda and Baby Anderson

P.S. Carl and I want to extend a very special thank you to Maegan from Mae Memories Photography for our gorgeous pregnancy announcement photos. These pictures will be cherished by so many for years to come. You're so talented! We can't wait to work with you again and see what other wonderful memories you capture when Baby Anderson arrives!