The Cake Files: Frozen

Here it is! Latest "Frozen" cake order. I can officially say that Olaf was a real pain in the ass, however I've moved on and forgiven him. Mostly because he has cute buck teeth, bad eyebrows and feet made of mini marshmallows.
Little Maddie is a girl after my own heart and obsesses of sparkles and glitter. I (as well as my cat who was supervising from a chair across the kitchen) inhaled our fair share of vanilla pearl iridescent spray last night and before crawling into bed I found glitter in my bra. All signs of a little girl who is sure to have a twinkle in her eye when she gets to see her fancy Frozen birthday cake later today. 
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I've been meaning to compose a brain dump on here for a couple of weeks now. So much has happened lately and I've been struggling with the fact that I am an undeniable procrastinator.

Alas, I'm here now.

Let's get started.

Sonya and Jordan are settling into their new house quite well. Along with their dog Boomer, last weekend they adopted a kitten named Rocco from our local Humane Society. He sure is a cutie. Even if he has discovered how to climb on the counter tops and conduct a circus at 3 am. Ha!

As per every 2 years, I've become completely obsessed with the Olympics. Winter or Summer, it doesn't matter. I'm an Olympic junky and I can't pry myself away from the news headlines scrolling across my phone or NBC's live streaming. I do find a special sense of price and connection with the Winter Olympics, however. We have 16 Vermonters (and countless other 'locals' from upstate New York and New Hampshire) competing. It makes it special to cheer and scream for those who grew up where you did. Who learned to ski and snowboard on the mountain you can see from your front yard. Just yesterday Dad was driving through the southern part of the state where the streets were littered with massive signs congratulating local snowboarder Kelly Clark on her recent bronze medal. In fact, I just read that in 2014 Vermont is the #1 state with the most Olympians per capita. I'm so proud of my Green Mountain State and all of our talented hard working Olympians. ILOVERMONT!

I now have my Praxis test this coming Monday. It was supposed to happen on Valentines day, but we were bombarded with a massive snow storm so it was re-scheduled. This chick is not complaining. It's given me more time to study. I'm feeling optimistic. That pesky math section doesn't scare me. I'm focused on exuding math-genius-ness. 

I have another order this weekend for a Frozen themed cake. I can't lie. I'm excited to make a cute little fondant Olaf. How is it that I've never seen this movie yet I somehow know all the names of the characters and every word to every song? Oh yeah. I'm a  preschool teacher.

I'd hoped to brain dump far more than these measly 4 paragraphs this morning, however I've been distracted by - you guessed it - the Olympics on TV. Ah well. I'll leave you now as I head to work singing Blackstreets stupid No Diggidy parody. May you wonder through your Thursday singing  I like the way you work it- Ted Ligety as I will. 

I'll be back soon. I promise!


The Little Olive Grove

Friday evening Sonya and Jordan closed on their very first home.
They're officially homeowners!
An adorable little house in the small Vermont town Jordan grew up in, I've already affectionately nicknamed their new home The Olive Grove. 

Friday evening The Olive Grove was a bustling place. Filled to the brim with family lugging boxes, tracking mud, rolling paint and heave-hoeing stubborn box springs which were hesitant to fit up the stairs. Already they have memories of their first night in their home. Of course, the chip marks on their wood stairs from the this-mother-effing-bed-won't-fit-but-we're-going-to-push-and-shove-and-make-it-fit epidemic, to the "I do this all the time. Just add a ton of wood and blow torch the shit out of it" wood-stove-smoke-out courtesy of Jordan's older brother. There are the greasy finger cheese-pizza prints on their leather couch from Jordan's nephew, leaky sink pipes and additional holes in the wall due to uneven picture hanging. There are stories to tell their kids in the future. 

First memories in your first home. 
Welcome to your Little Olive Grove, Sonya and Jordan.
Continue to fill your home up with new memories in the same way you fill it with new furniture.