Olivia Lynne's Big Reveal

Way before I found I was pregnant, I knew I wanted us to have a gender reveal party. What can I say? I'm that girl who loves to entertain and throw a party for anything. But more important than pretty decorations or an excuse for a cake, I couldn't think of anything more wonderful than to share with our closest friends and family the special moment when we find out if our little bundle of joy was a he or a she. In a world where social media is the main form of communication, I wanted our big surprise to be one that actually involved our loved ones rather than some big announcement via Facebook where they found out only after clicking on a big red notification. I wanted us all gathered together. Smiling, laughing, joining in the anticipation. I wanted to share the hugs, the tears, the happy screams. 

I would be lying if I said it was easy to leave our gender ultrasound and not tear into the sealed envelope right there in the Hospital parking garage. Many times between our appointment and the party I contemplated peaking - just Carl and I finding out together - but we waited. We waited (as unbelievably hard as it was) to share it with those we love most. And looking back now, it's a decision I would do all over again tomorrow. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  

Sonya cheated and wore a pink necklace, but had blue toenails! 
Grandma casting her PINK vote as I read her the Old Wives Tales predictions.
Carl and Grandma spreading the love :)
Demonstrating to Danielle what the baby's kicks looked like on the ultrasound. Hello baby kangaroo! 
Mom proudly showing off all of her PINK attire! 
When the time came for the big reveal, my best friend since high school, Tasha, had the very special job of opening the doctors envelope and selecting the correctly filled confetti poppers I'd ordered from Etsy (there were 2 filled with pink, 2 filled with blue and a sealed note from the seller to Tasha explaining how only she'd be able to tell the difference between the two, thanks to small piece of tape on their bottoms). 
After sneaking into the house to open the envelope and choose the poppers, Tasha proudly brought them out to Carl and I, who were anxiously waiting in the middle of the lawn with all of our friends and family. 

Together we counted up to 3...then changed our minds, and counted down...to discover that Baby Anderson is in fact a little...

My motherly instinct proved to be right and that beautiful little life growing in my belly is indeed a pretty little girl. Carl and I are absolutely over the moon excited that in January, our sweet little Olivia Lynne Anderson will make us Mommy and Daddy for the very first time. She has already brought indescribable joy into not only our lives, but the lives of our loved ones. 
Nana and Granddad Anderson sent us this picture just after we shared the happy news that their first grandchild is a little girl. Have you ever seen a pair of grandparents with bigger smiles?
So now that the pink confetti has fallen, bring on the tutus, pasiley and glitter. We have a beautiful baby girl to prepare for!


  1. Love the ties and tutus theme! I hadn't seen that. So cute!!!

    1. Thanks! I saw one other blogger friend did 'tutus and ties' and I thought it was adorable! Good ol' Pinterest and Etsy helped with the rest ;)

  2. LOVE all the details! Our gender reveal parties have been some of my favorite pregnancy memories! We have waited both times to find out with the rest of our family & friends and I wouldn't do it any other way!


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