In with the knee high boots, out with the flip flops

It's Labor Day, better known as the unofficial end of summer in the land of Amanda. So, with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand I wave a big fat goodbye to the slushies, fair food and overly chlorinated pools... while I type this wearing a sun dress and flip flops in an air conditioned house. 

Oh, the irony. 

Nevertheless, my Blue-Ray player is pre-loaded with You've Got Mail, I've dug my boots out from under the bed and already begun to sneak scarves into my wardrobe. Soon the leaves will be changing, the air will smell of wood stoves and earth, and the geese will be honking overhead. The best time of year is coming and I couldn't be more excited. 

If only I could celebrate with a Fall Harvest Woodchuck. Guess I'll just have to invent a badass apple cider mocktail to dip my cinnamon cider doughnut in. 

Happy September! 


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