#Happiest5k ...Take 2

Last year Sonya and I traveled to Brooklyn, NYC for a weekend to partake in our very first Color Run. And although our hotel ended up being in the ghetto (no, seriously. I needed a beer to muster the courage to walk down the street to the subway) it was still one of the most amazingly fun getaway's I've ever been on. So when we found out that The Color Run was coming to Vermont (FOR THE FIRST TIME! Holla!!) we hurried to pre-order our tickets months in advance. 
This year, Sonya's best bud Lianne, and my hubby joined us on the colorful 3 mile journey, and although I was preggo and none of my running gear fit me, it couldn't have possibly been anymore hilarious and joyus. Together we rolled across the blue check-point, frolicked in hundreds of bubbles and ate 2lbs of colored cornstarch as we open mouth laughed at the Colorbration at the finish line. Once again The Color Run proved it's truly the happiest 5k on the planet. 

After 25 minutes in the shower my toes, tata's and armpits are still stained turquoise, my boogers are blue and I'm pretty sure I've eaten a 20 years recommended limit of cornstarch in the space of 2 hours... but I'm overflowing with happiness, love and fantastic memories.

Let's do it all again next year!


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