The Cake Files: Ombre Buttercream "Frozen" Cake

Here it is, folks! Lauren's sparkly ombre buttercream cake is the latest installment in the Cake Files; and the latest of many Frozen themed cakes this year. They're all the rage!
While I didn't actually sculpt all of the figurines from fondant this time around, I still think they're adorable. Lauren's Momma, my high school friend Ashley, and I both agreed that plastic figurines would be best (thank you, eBay). The benefit of plastic figurines being that Lauren could continue to enjoy Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Sven and Kristoff even after they were de-buttercreamed.
Frozen characters, sparkly flowflakes, swirly sweet buttercream, shiny silver and cream edible pearls. What's a 4 year old little girl not to love?

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  1. so beautiful! and the recipient must be pretty awesome as well...she's got a great name!

    1. Thanks, doll! And she is pretty awesome, especially with a name like Lauren ;)


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