Baby Anderson: 17 Weeks

How Far Along? 17 weeks. 

Size of Baby? A turnip! (about 5 inches long, and now weighs 5 ounces).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but everyone (aside from Carl and my friend Kelsey- everybody say, HI KELSEY!) thinks it's a girl.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained a total of 8lbs. 

Stretch Marks? Still no stretch marks! Yay! Vigilant with my coconut oil routine.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Very happily on.

Maternity Clothes? Loving my maternity pants - espcially as I feel like Poppy has really POPPED this week. Flowy tunics and leggings rock my socks. I also scored a few great maternity deals via Zulily yesterday that I'm excited to have arrive!
Sleep? Sleeping much better at night, except for last night when I got up to pee 6 time. SIX TIMES, PEOPLE! In other news, my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is in transit! I'm excitedly waiting for it to change my life tomorrow evening!

Movement? Still no flitters. I can't wait to feel my Poppy do Karate!  

Symptoms? Over the last two days I've discovered the hard way what happens when I eat too many blueberries. Starting to get some killer heartburn in the evenings when I lay down for bed. Other than that, all is well! 

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Still can't count. I also stopped at a green light yesterday until I was honked at. Oy vey. 

Mood Swings? Emotional. I cried crocodile tears this morning when they announced that Savannah Guthrie from the TODAY show had a baby girl (which they've named Vale! How unique!). I also can't stop crying about Robin William's death.  

Cravings? Cheerios! Mmmmmm! 

Food Aversions? Same as always. Hating tuna, seafood and boiled eggs. The smell of most meats (especially hamburger, sausages and pot roast) make me feel yucky. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Having my nursing pillow arrive! Hurray! Also loved chatting with my English bestie, Toni, via Google Chat this evening. Our video conferences make the Atlantic Ocean feel smaller. It makes me smile.  

What I Miss? Not peeing 80,847,875,397,453 times a day and night. Being able to control my gas bubbles (What?! This is true life happening up in here). 

Looking Forward To? Sending out the invitations for our gender reveal party in a couple of weeks! YAY! 


  1. 6x to the potty! ughhh!!! that would be super frustrating...but apparently you are staying sufficiently hydrated! you look gorgeous momma!


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