Baby Anderson: 16 Weeks

How Far Along? 16 weeks. 

Size of Baby? An avocado (about 4 1/2 inches, and now weighs 3 1/2 ounces).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but everyone (aside from Carl and my friend Kelsey) is still convinced it's a girl.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained a total of 7lbs. 

Stretch Marks? Still stretch mark-less! Woohoo! Really enjoying my nightly coconut oil routine, although I'm starving by the end of it. Ha! 

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Very happily on.

Maternity Clothes? I'm officially in maternity pants now, and boy is it GLORIOUS! There are certain pants that belly bands still work on, but I'm finding my maternity pants most comfortable. I've got a total of 3 pairs now (1 navy corduroy, and 2 pairs of boot cut jeans which I ordered from Swap.com for a total of $22. Boom!) Most exciting thing? Discovering that I'm still comfortably wearing the same size pant as I was when I first lost my 56lbs almost 3 years ago. Success! I still plan to order some Gap maternity leggings within the next week and some  cute tunics. 
Sleep? Sleeping much better at night. Still peeing more than I ever did before being pregnant, but it's become the norm. My Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow has finally been ordered and I'm counting down the days til it arrives! 

Movement? I still haven't felt any flutters yet, but we got to hear little Love Bug's heartbeat again at our prenatal appointment this evening! It's one of the best sounds in the whole world. I could listen to their little heartbeat every day and never get sick of it.  

Symptoms? I'm finally starting to feel better! Hurray! Still nauseous if I go too long without eating, but it's quickly rectified the minute I snack. Only getting sick when I eat something that the baby clearly doesn't enjoy - kinda like the cheesy fries I had at the Fair on Tuesday night. I'd literally been waiting months to eat them. Come to find out, Poppy's not a cheese fry fan. Not sure why that deep fried fake orange cheese concoction wouldn't be appetizing to them?

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Oh, I  constantly have pregnancy brain moments. In fact, they're so common I really feel like I'm brain-less a lot of the time.  Still trying to pull doors that say push, I  can't count as a 26 year old woman should be able to, and on Monday I referred to a pineapple as a pistachio...because they look so similar.

Mood Swings? Still emotional. Commercials continue to make me bawl, and music. I do think that my crabby moments are improving though, ever so slightly (my husband, friends and family can all breathe a slight sigh of relief). 

Cravings? As I said I was craving cheese fries for the longest time, but that's gone way out the window. In fact, I don't want them again for months maybe years. I'm now really excited about anything lemon. Lemonade, lemon crepes, lemon and blueberry pancakes. Mm! 

Food Aversions? Still hating tuna, seafood and boiled eggs. The smell of some meats (hamburger, sausages) make me feel queasy. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Hearing Poppy's heart beat at the doctors office, and hearing one of my Autistic kiddos say "Make sure you tell me in 4 weeks what Poppy is! I need to know if it's a girl or a boy!" My heart melted. 

What I Miss? Not peeing 80,847,875,397,453 times a day. Hubby also discovered that Woodchuck (my FAVORITE beer. Go Vermont! ) has a new limited edition apple pie flavor out. I wish so badly I could drink it. It only dawned on me this week that my ritual of getting up at 6am to bake pumpkin pies and start the Thanksgiving dinner while sipping a Fall Woodchuck won't happen this year. Instead I'm going to have to concoct some killer spiced cider mocktail. Hubby could tell I was a little bummed so he's promised to stock up on the limited time fall flavor when it comes out so that after Poppy is born I can savor it's fall yumminess in the middle of winter. Haha! 

Looking Forward To? We've officially booked our 20 week ultrasound when the doctors will seal into an envelope whether Poppy is a he or a she! We're excited to find out with our friends and family at our gender reveal party. I've already started shopping and the anticipation is killing me! 


  1. That pillow is gonna change your life! And Kev's (hope you have a king size bed...) But no really. I have NEVER slept as good as I did than when I had that pillow!


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