Spreading the coupon love

Last night I returned home from visiting my Aunt to find that a close family friend had dropped off a booklet of baby and new Mommy coupons. As I looked down through each of the 7 coupons I started to note the giant caps lock and bolded word FREE smacking me in the face. Every one. FREE, FREE, FREE! We're talking gorgeous trendy carseat canopies, nursing covers, nursing pillows, baby leggings...

My first thought?
I smell bull shit.

In my previous experience, if something looks too good to the true...it is.

But then I typed in the link for the Carseat Canopy, perused all of the gorgeous designs, found one I loved (Belle), and smirked as I attempted to enter this all magical FREE coupon code.

...only... it worked. 

Entirely free. I bought this gorgeous $50 carseat canopy for a whole lot of nothin'. The only thing I paid after entering the coupon code (FUN814CC) was shipping and handling. 

I also ended up purchasing this nursing cover (originally $35) - design called Jordan
code FUN814UC

and this adorable nursing pillow (originally $40) - design called Firefly
code FUN814NP

And as I smiled at my bargain purchases, I knew I needed to do the right thing and share this awesomeness with the world. 

Here's my good deed of the day.

Other sites and products with their "FREE" codes:
2 Belly Bands - FUN814BB
Baby Carrier Slings - FUN814SS

You're welcome and happy shopping! 


  1. Yay thanks! My little will be a preshy pie in the baby legs! :)

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