My addiction to my planners

This post is in no way sponsored; it is just one friend unapologetically supporting/bragging about another friends amazing hard work. I'm so unbelievably proud of all of the time and effort Jen has put into these planners. I love and use them daily, and want to share with the entire world their awesomeness.  

We all know I'm a freak for organization. I need a good list, Sharpies, Post-Its, the smell of Scotch Tape and a kick ass planner to keep my life adventures neatly packaged rather than in a hopelessly unraveled mess.

This time last year I published my Oh how I love a good planner post where I excitedly ranted and raved about my first ever experience breaking away from the planner pack. I was brave and said adios to the almighty planner goddess, Erin Condren. Instead, I decided to support my Twinnie Jen in her latest amazing endeavor and purchased, printed and absolutely fell head over heels with her AMAZING creation,  The Polka Dot Posie Planner. A gorgeous, customized, bright, beautiful and inexpensive print-at-home planner that (sorry Erin, but I've got to say it..) stomped all over my previously adored Erin Condren planner. 
A year on and I sit here smiling as my lap is full of not one, but TWO shiny, crisp, freshly printed Polka Dot Posie planners. And just like a good wine, Jen's planners have continued to improve, mature and make my heart pitter patter as her printable company turns another year older. 
This year Jen's introduced tons of new planners - there are so many new designs, sizes and themes to chose from it's kind of like standing in the middle of a virtual candy store (bring on the Butterfinger bars this preggo shouts through the crowd). For my every-day planner, I decided to switch it up a bit from last year and swapped from the standard large Seasonal 8.5 x 11 planner to what has become Jen's most popular sell, the small Seasonal 5.5 x 8.5 planner
I find that the smaller size is more compact and fits far better inside my Mary Poppins bag of craziness. Even though it was the smaller size, it was still super simple to print (once hubby and I determined which way our new printer needed to have the paper fed back into the printer to complete the double sided printing), and Jen's extremely detailed printing instructions make the process smooth. Plus, I loved that the smaller size used less paper and ink - even after printing I still have more than half of my ink cartridge left and 3/4 of my massive package of 28lb printer paper (that's another change - last year I used 24lb and I find that I love the 28lb paper even more. It's so thick and smooth. I got it at WalMart for like $7. Boom!)

 After I printed my every-day planner I ventured into new territory. Territory I've been wanting to venture into for a long, LONG while. I recycled my pre-existing large discbound bindings from last years every-day planner and turned it into a brand spankin' new teaching planner. You read that right folks, Jen has only gone and designed a freakin' Teacher Planner

Bring on the cake!

And it's every bit as amazeballs as you'd have imagined.
For a while now I've been looking for a great way to organize all of my lesson plans/resources/circle time ideas/gazillions of Pinterest print off's. Jen's teacher planner is so colorful, happy and perfectly organized that I may have peed my pants a little with excitement as I watched my printer feed the pages out this evening.
 If you're a school teacher (or an awesome Mommy homeschool teacher- of course she's invented a Homeschool Planner too) make sure you check them out.
I absolutely love these planners. I know you'd love them too.

So proud of you Twinnie! Keep kicking ass and you'll take over the world one day.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I would LOVE her homeschool planner. How did you put it in the leather cover? I loved Erin Condren, but I can't afford it anymore and was looking for a printable option that was prettier than just putting it in a plain notebook. This might just fit the bill! Thank you!


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