Birthday Shenanigans

Last Wednesday was my 26th birthday, and Sunday was my sisters 25th. It's safe to say there was a whole lot of birthday fun this past weekend.

Hello cake!

Friday night Carl and I had our 12 week appointment at the hospital for little Poppy Seed, and immediately after we had birthday reservations with my closest family members at Koto's Japanese Steakhouse. I've always wanted to eat at a hibachi table, like always always, so this night out was something this chick has been looking forward to for weeks. 


So, how was my first hibachi table experience? In a word?

Not only was the atmosphere and company unbelievable, but the food was the best food I've ever eaten in any restaurant. No lie. The steak was tender and so flavorful (this coming from someone who is often heard saying"no thank you, I don't like steak."), the house made dressing - to.die.for; and the soup I could have slurped down til the cows came home. It was hands down the best restaurant experience, if not because of the food, simply because of the entertainment factor when watching my father try and fail 4 separate times to catch chunks of zucchini our hibachi chef catapulted at his face. I can safely say this will be my go-to birthday dinner restaurant from now on, it was such a hoot. And if you're a hibachi virgin like I was? Get yourself to your closest one pronto! If it's anything like Koto, I promise you won't be disappointed.
On both of our actual birthdays, Mom spoiled us by making our favorite meals and dessert of choice. I had tacos and homemade french onion soup, with a fresh fruit trifle for dessert. Sonya, being the bestest sister around, also brought my pregnant craving ass chocolate glazed donuts (the same ones we used to eat alongside a carton of Monument Farms chocolate milk when we were little girls riding with Dad on the weekends). My chocolate donut was a make-shift cake/candle holder and was lovingly adorned with a large number 3 candle. Why a 3? Because we're innovative. And that was the only candle in the cupboard.  
Sunday Sonya chose a crockpot chicken dish with rice, corn, scalloped potatoes and homemade baking powder biscuits. For dessert Mom made her a chocolate cake which was lovingly topped with a homemade funfetti frosting that was so sweet (thanks to the extra pound of confectioners sugar) that it could pucker anyone's face. Bless her heart. We laughed as a family when Mom admitted to adding the entire bag of sugar, rather than the recommended 4 cups. Memories.
It was a week of happy birthdays, cards, yummy cake, yummy food, new memories, laughs and family time.  It was a week of birthday shenanigans.


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