Baby Anderson: 14 Weeks

How Far Along? 14 weeks. Hello second trimester! 

Size of Baby? A lemon (about 3 1/2 inches, and now weighs 1 1/2 ounces).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but everyone (aside from Carl) is still convinced it's a girl.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? As of last week I'd gained a total of 4 lbs. The honest truth is that I forgot to weigh myself this morning, and I've just eaten a ginormous bowl of homemade baked Ziti... so weighing myself now would be entirely useless. I'll update next week.

Stretch Marks? None. And no thank you. Still rubbing coconut oil on my belly in hopes that positive thoughts will scare them away.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Very happily on.
Maternity Clothes? Still in my normal clothes, but I am really loving my Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands. (which make things like my skinny jeans bearable). Still haven't purchased many maternity clothes, although I've purchased a few flowy tunics like the one in this picture which I'll pair with leggings and belts in the fall. 

Sleep? Finally starting to sleep better! Hurray! I'm getting up at least once to pee in the night, but that's such an improvement from 2-3 times that I'm barely holding back a happy jig. Hubby's buying my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow sometime in the next few days and I've never been so excited. I am finding that in the mornings my hips and back are killing. I think it's due to forcing myself to sleep only on my sides. Either way, I fully expect this pillow to be my saving grace.

Movement? No wiggles, but I  can't wait until there are!

Symptoms? Still feeling nauseous and sick from time to time, but it's definitely improved considerably. Halle-freakin'-lujah.  

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Today I looked right at one of my co-workers and called him Matt when I fully intended to say Mike. Oh, and earlier this week I forgot my car keys in the house (after I shut and locked the front door), and my phone and purse in the car. 

Mood Swings? Heck yes. I'm bawling all the time. Oh, and hello road rage when slow pokes insist on putting along (and holding up all traffic) in the passing/fast lane. JUST.MOVE.YOUR.ASS.OVER!

Cravings? Currently can't eat enough nectarines. I've also been drooling over pasta dishes. Tonight's baked ziti hit the spot for sure. Yummo.

Food Aversions? Still seafood and tuna fish. Disgusting. I also discovered this week that hard boiled eggs are a hell no. Still finding that I can't stand to be within a 20 foot radius of cigarette smoke. It instantly makes me sick. 

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Buying our first articles of clothing for poppy seed. It was just a 3 pack of newborn onsies I found on sale, but they're precious. Holding and hugging them -looking at how small they are- completely melts my heart. I can't wait for our love bug to be wiggling around wearing them. I also think my heart nearly exploded when Carl put his head low on my tummy the other night to see if he could hear the baby's little heartbeat. It was so sweet. 

What I Miss? Going days/weeks/months/years without throwing up. Although I truly am so incredibly thankful for starting to feel better. Yay! 

Looking Forward To? Spending the day at the beach tomorrow for work, and enjoying bargain hunting at the Three Day Stampede this weekend. It's kind of like a MASSIVE garage sale where people donate items that are then sold to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. It was started and run by my family on Mom's side in honor of my cousins who have Cystic Fibrosis. Every year I'm inspired by their hard work, dedication and passion. It's such a wonderful reminder of what great people can accomplish in a great community. 


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