Baby Anderson: 12 Weeks

How Far Along? 12 weeks.

Size of Baby? A lime (about 2 inches, and now weighs 1/2 ounce).
Gender? We won't find out for a few more weeks but my mother, as well as the majority of people I've spoken to, are all convinced it's a girl. I still have no 'motherly instincts' as of yet.

Name? Little Poppy Seed has had their name picked out (boy or girl) for a couple years now. We still love those names as much as we did back then.

Weight Gain? I've gained a total of 3.5 lbs. 

Stretch Marks? None. And no thank you. I have started rubbing coconut oil on my belly though in hopes of preventing them. I know this is a great debate - some people claim that no oil or lotion can prevent stretch marks, while other people swear by them. We'll see. If all else fails, I'll walk around smelling like the Hawaiin vacation I wish I could go on. Haha! 

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Happily on.

Maternity Clothes? Still in my normal clothes, although my fitted pants and shorts are beginning to get uncomfortable. I find that I'm definitely gravitating toward stretchy comfy clothes. I did order two Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands on Amazon, and they should arrive over the weekend. I've also ordered some flowy dresses and tunics I plan to pair with a nice skinny belt and leggings. For my birthday my sister and grandmother gifted me with money to go crazy on maternity clothes. I have to admit, I'm awfully excited to hit the shops.

Sleep? Still waking up 2-3 times a night to pee, and my hips are killing me by 5am. No bueno. 

Movement? None yet, but I'm counting down the days to when we can feel our little love bug wiggle.

Symptoms? Still nauseous and sick all the time, but I'm learning how to cope with it better and have mastered stashing small snacks all over the place (bed side table, car, purse, work bag, bathroom (yes bathroom) - hello saltine crackers!)

Best Pregnancy Brain Moments? Trying to pull on grocery store doors that say push. Pushing the lock  instead of unlock button just before entering my car. 

Mood Swings? Lord have mercy, I can't watch a single television show without bawling. And to add insult to injury, I recently read a children's book about monster babies in the Library and got teary eyed. It's embarrassing. I'm also finding that in the evenings when I'm most exhausted and feeling sick I have a super short temper. Poor hubby.

Cravings? Still loving on french onion soup with no cheese, just croutons. Also really loving nectarines, crunchy pizza dipped in ranch dressing and cucumbers with malt vinegar and salt.

Food Aversions? Tuna fish. So vile. Also the thought of homemade macaroni and cheese makes me feel sick. It's still so weird to feel disgusted by something I normally absolutely LOVE it.

Labor Signs? Still a long way out. Phew. 

Best Moment This Week? Celebrating my 26th birthday, and receiving a surprise package in the mail from a lovely teaching friend in Liverpool who shared her class with me during my student teaching. I bawled my eyes out when I opened my collectible Willow Tree "Cherish" ornament. I've always admired them and to have the first one I ever own be a mama holding her baby bump was so very special. 
Thanks again Rebecca, you don't know how much that meant to me. You're one in a million. xxxx

What I Miss? Running. I can't go for runs, especially in this heat, without my heart rate getting far too high for Poppy Seed. Power walking it is for this prego until I can get back on running after baby is here.

Looking Forward To? Finally buying some actual maternity clothes tomorrow. We have our 12 week appointment in the afternoon, and are heading to the Mall while we wait for my birthday dinner reservations with family and friends at a Japanese hibachi table. While we're shopping, Carl so kindly arranged for my American wedding band to be soldered to my engagement ring and English wedding band. I've been wanting to do that since last July, so I'll be busting out my best happy dance. My rings from our ceremony in Vermont and Liverpool will finally become one, just in time for our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. 


  1. can't wait to see your joined wedding rings! you look amazing...I'll vote little girl as well! they're all the rage!!

    1. I'll have to take a pic and share it! They look beautiful!

      You're looking pretty fabulous yourself, my dear! Haha and I'd love to join the baby girl club with you! ;)


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