The Cake Files: Baby Emerson

On Sunday my family all gathered together to celebrate my cousin Kayla's Jack and Jill baby shower with her husband Dan.  They are expecting their very first baby, a bouncing little boy named Liam Mason, on July 7th! 
I feel blessed to have been asked by Kayla to make her baby shower cake. Making cakes for family and close friends is always more special. She had found and sent me a picture from Pinterest (where else would one look? It's practically the go-to for ANYTHING these days. How did we survive without it?) and asked that I substitute the original pink 'baby bump' for a darker blue. 
All in all, I'm tickled pink with how the cake turned out. But what I'm most proud of? The tata's! Um, hello! Those girls are perky and voluptuous, my friends. And as a woman I totally understand the significance of making the ladies look good. 
And although the drive to the baby shower was a little stressful (thank you to my unsuspecting Mother who hit nearly every single man sized pot-hole on the road) the cake still made it safely...
where Kayla and Dan, Mommy and Daddy to-be, laughed as they carefully hacked into my perfectly crafted chocolate tata's. 

Emerson family,
Carl and I wish you the very best! We are praying baby Liam is welcomed into this world safe and sound.
Soak in every second of these last few weeks together before you become a brand new family of 3!



  1. Thank you. I am still enjoying the last remaining tata.

  2. Hey there sister! Just stopping in to say hi and that I'm a new follower. Absolutely love what I see so far. Best wishes!


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