World Autism Awareness Day

April is finally here. And alongside the warmer Spring weather, shimmering sunshine and budding trees, there's something infinitely more significant and special happening over the next 30 days.
It's Autism Awareness month! 
And more specifically, April 2nd - tomorrow - is World Autism Awareness Day
Tomorrow is the day we light it up blue

Since I began teaching, 3 out of the 4 classrooms I've taught in have had children on the Autism Spectrum. And during my time as a Behavioral Interventionist, I spent the majority of every week as a 1 on 1 for an Autistic kiddo I absolutely adore. Autism is something that I'm passionate about. Not only am I passionate about fighting for the unwavering support, educational specifications and early behavioral intervention so critical for every single child with ASD, but I'm passionate about finding out where it begins and what we can do to better understand it. Children/adults with Autism do not deserve to be outcast, or labeled as 'weird' or 'freaks'. They deserve to be listened to, loved, nurtured, encouraged and guided. They deserve to live in a society where they are just as important and valued as you or I. They deserve to be accepted and given every opportunity to succeed in life. 
So whether you change a white bulb in your home to one colored blue for the month of April, "wear it blue" and dress from head to toe in blue tomorrow and take a group photo (like I will be), make a donation by clicking this link or texting Autism to 25383, or simply spread awareness by sharing articles or educational websites on social media; please find it in your heart to light it up blue. 
So many are relying on you to help spread the word.
"Autism speaks. It's time to listen."

For more information about Autism, visit www.autismspeaks.org.


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