This years Easter was relatively laid back and relaxed.

 Brunch with my parents, sister, bro-in-law, grandmother, cousins and uncle. Followed by my littlest 2 year old cousin Christpher's very own Easter egg hunt in the back yard (where some of the eggs he collected were empty as my father felt is was only fair he foraged the 60+ neon gems for his favorite - mini 3 Muskateer bars). My sister unknowingly taught Christopher how to use a Wiffle bat as a weapon, Carl accidentally pelted me in the back with his soccer ball - causing my iPhone to go corralling into the pavement of the driveway, and my father harassed every living creature (cat and dog included) within a 3 mile radius using little girl's pink and purple princess toy fishing pole with pink rubber crown projectile on the end.

In the afternoon Grandpa Cousino popped by (who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is currently overcoming a nasty case of Shingles). He was his usual self - full of piss and vinegar, giggling his goofy grandpa laugh and endlessly picking and prodding at his wife Sandy; who perfectly matched his green checked shirt with her own green outfit -complete with green dangly earrings - and constantly gave grandpa the stink eye for his smart ass comments. Their visit was just as hilariously entertaining as always. After Grandpa and Sandy headed home, hubby and I took the family dog, Tempi, for a walk in the gorgeous 70 degree Spring sunshine, Skype'd with Mama Lynne and Papa Garry back in England, and smiled as we watched videos of a happier healthier Nana who - in my eyes - is still as cute as a button and the Queens long lost twin sister.
The day consisted entirely of family, wicker egg shaped baskets, good food, good stories, pets, pastels, sunshine, laughs and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. 

What more could a girl ask for?

Easter was, as it always is, just another reminder of how truly lucky I am to have all of these people I love in my life. People who make my life more full, rich and wonderfully unpredictable. People I cherish and can't wait to continue to make memories with. My loved ones. My wonderful family.


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