Five on Friday

Happy Friday, love bugs! 

This is my second post within the space of an hour. Why? Because I'm a putz and forgot to 5 it up on Friday (I blame my progress report teacher brain. It's overworked like the dough when I attempt to make scones). Nevertheless, if you have children and are looking for something cheap and fun to do with them, find out why I heart Magic Milk.
I love love love Pharrell (seriously, if you haven't seen this video of him crying during his interview with Oprah, you're missing out on some tummy butterflies. And then he went ahead and did another emosh repeat on Ellen the other day. For cereal boy, you're killing my pmsing self. I've shed so many 'happy' tears I've wasted half a tube of mascara). With all of that said...If I have to see that g-d Smokey the Bear hat one more time...
I saw Carla Bruni (only one of the worlds top models and former first lady of France. No biggie.) for the first time on the Today show yesterday. I've been listening to her on repeat since. I don't even care that I can't understand a word of her songs because the only French I know is je m'appelle Amanda and merci beaucoup. Her music is rustic, graceful and charming. It reminds me of my time in Paris and how badly I want to go back. 
I'm glad Easter is over because I've eaten far more than the recommended daily amount of Robins Eggs every day since Sunday. In more exciting news, I'm on my 2nd week of T25 and last time I checked I'd lost 4+ inches and 2lbs. I'm feeling the burn in places I didn't know existed. Also, it's revolutionizing my square butt and helping my running pace. Which, by the way is still slightly embarrassing. How many official 5ks have I run this year? None. How many had I run this time last year? 4.
Hi. My name is Amanda and I'm addicted to cheddar ale soup. 


  1. Hello + happy weekend! Swinging by from the link up!! I love the frozen 5k pic!! ;) Have a fabulous upcoming week!


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