The Little Olive Grove

Friday evening Sonya and Jordan closed on their very first home.
They're officially homeowners!
An adorable little house in the small Vermont town Jordan grew up in, I've already affectionately nicknamed their new home The Olive Grove. 

Friday evening The Olive Grove was a bustling place. Filled to the brim with family lugging boxes, tracking mud, rolling paint and heave-hoeing stubborn box springs which were hesitant to fit up the stairs. Already they have memories of their first night in their home. Of course, the chip marks on their wood stairs from the this-mother-effing-bed-won't-fit-but-we're-going-to-push-and-shove-and-make-it-fit epidemic, to the "I do this all the time. Just add a ton of wood and blow torch the shit out of it" wood-stove-smoke-out courtesy of Jordan's older brother. There are the greasy finger cheese-pizza prints on their leather couch from Jordan's nephew, leaky sink pipes and additional holes in the wall due to uneven picture hanging. There are stories to tell their kids in the future. 

First memories in your first home. 
Welcome to your Little Olive Grove, Sonya and Jordan.
Continue to fill your home up with new memories in the same way you fill it with new furniture.  

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