The Cake Files: Frozen

Here it is! Latest "Frozen" cake order. I can officially say that Olaf was a real pain in the ass, however I've moved on and forgiven him. Mostly because he has cute buck teeth, bad eyebrows and feet made of mini marshmallows.
Little Maddie is a girl after my own heart and obsesses of sparkles and glitter. I (as well as my cat who was supervising from a chair across the kitchen) inhaled our fair share of vanilla pearl iridescent spray last night and before crawling into bed I found glitter in my bra. All signs of a little girl who is sure to have a twinkle in her eye when she gets to see her fancy Frozen birthday cake later today. 
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  1. How awesome! That cake is a perfection. Needless to say, the Olaf cake and the snowflakes are not easy to make, but kudos for nailing it! How I wish I could see the twinkle in Maddie’s eyes when she got to see her birthday cake. Jason @ La Patisserie


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