First things first,
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!
Keep dreaming.

I'm sitting here in bed with Carl as we peruse the offerings of Netflix. No doubt we'll stumble upon another series to binge watch. Most recently we've made our way through 30 Rock (I LOVE LEMON!!), My Cat From Hell, Auction Kings and Dirty Money. I so wish they'd add all of the F.R.I.EN.D.S episodes. When we moved back home from England I had to sell my beloved box set. I've missed it ever since, but just can't seem to justify the astronomical price I'd have to pay to reclaim it again. My English box set I got at HMV for a bargain price of £50 during an after Christmas sale. 

I haven't eaten fried food in months. Periodically I'll indulge in a small nibble of something oozing with oil (Mmmm, donuts) but for the most part I'm not interested. I hate everything McDonald's and would rather dive into a pool of homemade chocolate chip cookies any day over a big salty bowl of piping hot mozzarella sticks or french fries. Tonight, however, I'd promised Carl I'd make him homemade fish n' chips like I used to in our Liverpool apartment. We've been craving a good chippy fish and chip meal, and my Mother was making a trip after work to a local fish mongers where she kindly picked me up a cod fillet. A bit of beer batter, lovingly irregular chopped homemade potatoes and lots of "Mmmm, this is lovely baby. Seriously, really nice babe" comments from the hubs, and we had a successful proper English meal just like the good ol' days. 

Who would believe that just 5 minutes ago the Pandora Disney Channel was blaring from my phone as I made our stuffed Starbucks Gingerbread Bear, Philippe, sing and dance to The Little Mermaids: Under The Sea? When all the Disney fun was said and done, Carl had Whatsapped a video of Philippe's John Travola-esque moves to Mama Lynne, who is peacefully sleeping in her cozy Liverpool bed. She'll wake in the morning to a video from us. Her 30 year old son and his equally immature wife, making an adorable stuffed bear sing and dance to Disney songs. 
It's so weird - but she gets it. Philippe is our family inside joke - our travelling gnome who takes pictures in famous places like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty. He "talks" and "sings" and "dances" and it's crazy and fabulous and makes us smile. On crappy days when we desperately need a pick me up, all we have to do is make that stuffed bear body-pop or recite lines from The Office and we're instantly smiling. 
As I type this my feet are tucked up under Grandma Cousino's quilt. It sits, every day, carefully folded in half - and always with my favorite brown polka dot patches facing upward on my side. Whenever I wrap myself in it, or pull it up our bed to my face- breathing in the comforting smell of fabric softener and age- I instantly feel like shes hugging me. I feel a sense of peace and hope and love. I feel content.

And it's with that sense of contentment I say goodnight, friends. 


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