25 Today

I feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate my birthday at home with my family this year. 
This - the simplistic celebration. The unforced conversation that flows between my best friend and my family members. The tradition of a special 'birthday dessert' made with oodles and oodles of love by a close friend or family member. This is what makes each birthday wonderful. 

The remnants of Sonya's AMAZEBALLS cheesecake!
Long gone are the days of extravagant birthday parties and presents and decorations. But the memories of silly corn hole games, dance parties, childhood stories tossed back and forth like a ping pong balls and whisker tickling kisses from Dad still continue to make each birthday as special as the fancy ones of the past.


Thank you, friends and family - from near and afar - for all of the love today. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. The older I get the more I appreciate and cherish your kindness, support and encouragement. You're all little gems that add that extra bit of twinkle to my day.

So as I raise my glass of sparkling apple juice (how very rock and roll old fart of me!) I say cheers to 25 years. And here's to many more.

(I'd like to say a very special shout out to my Twinnie and her little cherubs Addie & Blake and their cousins Nia and Nolan for this absolutely ADORABLE birthday video message I received today. It truly made my entire afternoon - I don't think I wiped that smile off of my face for a good hour. You're all little gems and I can't wait to meet you and squeeze you in October!)



Holy shit, guys. Where the hell did June go?

My head is spinning like a light up twirly top these days, and half the time I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Proof is in the pudding, people.  I haven't even blogged since June 16th. (Whose lame? Yeah. I'm lame).

Anywho, because of the utter crazy business I've missed out on sharing multiple recent events. So many, in fact, that I feel it necessary to bullet point them rather than write elegant, well thought out paragraphs. I know in my hurried attempt I'll leave out, no doubt, 50% of what actually went on, but think of this concoction of word vomit as a highlight of the last month. This chick ain't got time to double check for grammatical errors, never mind compose an accurate and up-to-date list.

Bear with me, folks.
  • Carl and I are taking a temporary break from house hunting. We'll be back on it come the end of next month.
  • Mama Lynne and Papa Garry are flying over from England this week. The hubby and I pick them up at Vermont's little ol' BTV Airport late Thursday night.
  • Our parents are throwing us a vow renewal. It's Friday. Yes, THIS Friday. There's still so much to do and I'm so completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and covered in buttercream frosting. (damn straight I'm making my own polka dot cake!). 
  • I've got the most adorable 50s inspired dress I'll be wearing. It's very foofy and fabulous. (don't worry, there'll be an abundance of pictures). 
  • A couple of weekends ago I helped celebrate and love on one of my good friends Maj-ken at her bridal shower. She truly is going to be one of the most gorgeous brides you've ever seen, and I feel so blessed to be making her wedding cake.
  • The weather here has been humid and monsoon-like. It's disgusting. Pretty soon we'll all evolve into ducks. Ducks that drink maple syrup and don't pronounce their t's in words like 'Moun(t)ain' or 'Vermon(t).' 
  • The best friend celebrated her 28th birthday last Wednesday. I finally made her those oreo-rolo-chocolate fudge cupcakes she wanted. And I may or may not have drank way too many Jello-Shots mixed with Goldschlager. 
  • I got to bear hug my Audjinator-tator for the first time in about 4 years. I'm so glad I got to see her while she was up from North Carolina. 
  • My first 4th of July back in the states was relaxed, hot and so fun.
  • Our favorite cousins from Connecticut came up this past weekend and we laughed and drank too much, played corn-hole until the sun went down and got eaten alive by mosquitoes as we sat around a fire. I wouldn't have changed a thing. 
  • The hubby and I watched Wimbledon's Gentlemen Final this Sunday and hooted and hollered like a pair of foul mouthed sailors. Truth be told, I'm not a big Murray fan (I haven't been ever since he got pissed during his centre court match last year and smashed his racket into the grass. He's 26 not 3...) so I spent the duration of the match routing on Novak Djokovic while hubby cheered on his fellow Brit. When all was said and done however, it was nice see GB finally claim victory. Regardless of my feelings toward Murray, I totally agree that 77 years without a Wimbledon champion is far too long. Congratulations to all of my UK friends and family. Hip-Hip-Hooray!
  • Tomorrow I celebrate my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century. Holy rusted metal, batman. The fact that Sonya is baking a birthday cheesecake as we speak takes a bit of the 'you're slowly-but-surely- getting old' sting away.
  • I know there should be at least another 20 of these bullet points but my brain is foggy and ragged.
If I were being totally honest with not only you, but myself, I'd tell you that there really won't be much downtime to devote to blogging over the next week. Nevertheless, I'm a glass half full kinda girl, so I'll close this little ramble with the hope that I'll be back to share pictures and stories from tomorrow nights small family birthday cheesecake gathering.

Peace out, girl scout. xoxo