Happy Easter!

In between the cooking of the fragrant maple ham in the oven and the broccoli currently on the cutting board that needs chopping, I'm popping by quickly to wish all of you, my sweet friends and family, a
 Happy Easter!

Eat too much (those mini eggs are addictive! Yowza!). Laugh til you cry. Love on those near and dear.
He is Risen :)

Much love,
The Andersons


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

As always I'm linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat SO WHAT if...
  • I'm finally completing this post at 8:30pm. In my sweaty workout clothes. While I eat Chicken In A Biskit crackers.
  • My sister and I started Les Mills Combat on Monday and while I am in excruciating pain, I'm officially hooked.
  • I bought a beautiful children's book written and illustrated by a Vermont author all about Maple Sugaring. I have an entire weeks worth of lessons planned around this book. Just need to get my own class...(good things come to those who wait, right?)
  • I wore the same socks two days in a row because this morning I was too damn lazy to make the trip down to the laundry room for clean ones.
  • I just admitted that nasty bit of info to the world on my blog...
  • I'm afraid of tadpoles. Ew.com
  • I'm not a fan of country music and I especially hate shitty Sugarland. 
  • I think farting at the dinner table is a capitol offence. Who the hell wants to smell someones nastiness while eating? No one. That's who. Not even your dog.
  • I'm stalking our mailman because I can't wait for my new pair of hot pink and turquoise Nike Free Runs to arrive.
  • I refused to purchase them until I found a valid coupon code which got me $15 off and free shipping. Ha!
  • I'm not allowing myself to wear my new shoes until mid July when I start training for my half marathon (with my Twinnie, Jen! YAY!) because I have OCD and I want to keep them beautiful and pristine throughout the VT mud season.
  • On Saturday I ran my first 10k and by Sunday I'd registered for 3 more races and sweet talked my entire family into running the NYC Brooklyn Color Run in September (SO EXCITED!)
  • I still haven't actually composed a post about my 10k. This weekend. I promise.
  • When I was little the only reason I'd eat beets was because my Dad promised me they'd turn my pee pink. Clearly I've never eaten enough because to this day I'm convinced he's a liar.
  • I only started gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide a week and a half ago, but I'm already convinced my teeth are WAY whiter. Thumbs up.
  • I kick bathroom doors open after I've washed my hands because the thought of touching the germy door handle makes me gag a little.


    March Cara Box Reveal

    Cara Box
    I'm back! I loved it so much the first time that I'm here again, joining in Cara Box bonanza!

    Okay, so for those of you who are new to this whole Cara Box thing...sitting there with a cocked eyebrow wondering what the hell a Cara Box is, pop a squat (yes, I say pop instead of cop. I have since I was 10 and it's worked for all of these 15 years so I'm keepin' the ball rolling) and allow me to explain.

    Every month Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals, hosts a Cara Box exchange. Basically what that means is that you, along with many other ladies who choose to participate, sign up to receive and send a snail-mail-package-of-awesomeness. Every month those who signed up are paired with two other blogger ladies. One of those ladies you send a box to, the other you receive a box from. Throughout the month you email back and forth to get to know both of them, find out what makes them tick, what they enjoy, what their hobbies and goals and dreams are etc. Not only does this pow-wow time evoke feel-good-kumbiyah-moments, but it's also an absolutely fantastic opportunity to meet new people (one of my favorite activities), make new friends and experience that giddy-child-like-excitement you used to remember when the mail man knocked at your front door with a cute little box of surprise goodies just for you.

    We all know snail mail rocks our socks. And I don't just mean the Amazon or eBay snail mail purchases (which, of course, are also the shit). I mean the real snail mail. Thoughtful, special, unique. From friends. In this case, new friends. 


    For this months Cara Box exchange I was paired with two lovely ladies. Both so genuine and easy to talk to! The first (who I was lucky enough to be sending a box to!) was sweet Sybil over at Peace It All Together. She was so open and easy to get to know! A mom of 3 whose birthday is on Thursday, Sybil is soon jetting off to a mini beach vacation with her hubby to Half Moon Bay. Because of her upcoming birthday celebrations (and love of the happy color yellow) I had a hell of a good time perusing the stores for awesome "S" things that were related to beachy fun. During my shopping trips I may or may not have gotten lost in the sunblock aisle, drunk on the smell of coconut, muttering aloud daydreaming about how grand it would be to lounge in the sun with a fish bowl sized Margarita.
    Aaaaah. If only money grew on trees...
     If you're interested in seeing what I sent in Sybil's Beachy Birthday Cara Box you can hop on over to her blog to see her reveal post!

    But almost as fantbulous as sending a Cara Box is receiving one. And for the marvelous month of March I received my goodies from the lovely L over at All Glorious Within. She is a not only sweet, but a crafter/DIYer/clothesaholic like myself and it was clear that she put a lot of thought and creativity into the "A" things inside my box! Her Cara Box arrived while I was at work, so Hubby placed it on my side of the bed where it awaited my arrival. Upon entering the house that afternoon, I followed my usual routine that consisted of meandering to the bedroom to change into my workout clothes. It was then that I spotted it. Within seconds (like a 5 year old little girl digging for a Barbie on Christmas) I'd ripped that bad boy open to see what fun lay inside.

    This is what I found!
    A sweet letter.
    An adorable 'a' stamp (which I LOVE and can't wait to use in my crafting fun!)
    "A is for: Amanda likes"
    Cupcake wrappers and flags that say Laugh, Sweet, and Yummy! Not only adorable, but perfect for someone who spends all of their free time covered in cake batter and fondant! 
     "A is for Animal"
    Like these cute fabric butterflies! (I already have plans for these little gems with my client at school!)
     "A little black dress"
    I have a thing for notepads and this one is right up my clothes obsessed alley!
    "Aisle be there" 
    Glittery nailpolish. This could not scream Amanda more. In fact, I've already worn it. Ha!

    Once again I had such a hoot participating in my Cara Box exchange, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer pair of ladies to share this experience with. 
    L, thank you for taking the time to really incorporated awesome "A things" that you knew I'd love and use. You're such a doll, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat the entire package of Airheads within the first night of their arrival. Whoops.
    Sybil, thank you for being so open and sweet during our emails back and forth. I hope you have a fantastic birthday vacation with the hubs! Oh, and a huge gracias for being so understanding about the tardiness of my box. Haha! You're a gem!


    Sunday Social: Take 3

    Sunday Social
    Happy Sunday, love bugs!

    1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
    I love a lot of things. The smell, the bright flowers, the longer days and the warmth. Spring, (along with Fall - obviously) is my favorite time to run outside.
    2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive?
     Mostly happy flowers that remind of me of Alice in Wonderland and my childhood. Ha!
    Peonies. Because my Mom has a gorgeous peonies bush right off the back deck. I used to think they looked like giant tissue paper flowers.
     Daises. Because I used to pick them as a little girl on long walks with Mrs. P and they always remind me of You've Got Mail.
     Daffodils. Because they remind me of sunshine, and my pre-school students back in England.  
    3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
    For day-to-day use, I really love Essie: Ballet Slippers

    4. What is your favorite out door activity?
    Running, hiking or bronzed beach babing it up. Although I tend to lobster it up for the first 2/3rds of spring/summer.
    5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
    Nothing too concrete. But I do plan to sign up for some more 5 & 10ks, stop by VT sugar houses for sugar on snow and hopefully (fingers crossed) visit NYC again with Sheester. I need more cheap bags and shoes from China Town like I need a hole in the head, and I'm craving a slice of Joe's Pizza like it's nobody's business.


    Make it happen.

    This time 2 years ago I was 56lbs heavier. This time 2 years ago I was self conscious and hated my body. This time 2 years ago I couldn't have run a mile, let alone 6. It's amazing what can happen when you invest time, energy and lots of hard work. You really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Look at me. Today I checked another thing off of my bucket list when I ran my 10k. 2 years ago I would never have been able to. 

    Think big. Dream big. Make it happen :)

    (All the juicy details of my 10k coming soon! For now I'm plunking my ass on the couch and resting my blistered feet.)

    Happy Saturday, love bugs.


    The Cake Files: Redneck Camo Chic

    My latest special request cake for a 21st birthday surprise. If this isn't Vermont, then I don't know what is. Haha! 


    The Cake Files: Minnie Mouse, Vol 1

    By now all of you are probably well aware of my sweet (see what I did there?) little cake business, Caketastic Confections...(and if you weren't, well, you now are. Ha! Join the cake party, friends! 

    With that in mind, it probably goes without saying that over the years little miss snap-happy here will want to continue to share an obnoxious number of photos of my completed cakes. So, in an attempt to spare all of you from ridiculously wordy, extensive and downright dull 569,837,693 word cake based blog posts (I know what I'm like, people), I'm going to spread the Caketastic love via the Cake Files: an encyclopedia of all Caketastic masterpieces neatly organized by theme. (I know, right?! This idea is on par to something Michael Scott would concoct. Only better. It's not like I'm proposing paper shaped pancake luncheons or roof top bouncy castle acrobatics. I'm far too advanced for that mumbo-jumbo).

     It's hard for a jabbermouth like myself to admit this, but not every post I publish needs to be crammed with witty sentences and lengthy descriptions. There's a time and a place for rambling, and  the Cake Files is just not one of those places. With that said, all Cake Files postis will primarily consist of just pictures. Sure, occasionally I'll offer links for good fondant tutorials I've followed, or awesome recipes, or share how to do something I feel somebody else could benefit from, but the majority of the time these posts will be relatively wordless. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

    And so, before I continue  to rack up anymore of a word count, I give you the very latest in The Cake Files. Created last Saturday for a high school friends daughters birthday party, I present to you The Minnie Mouse Masterpiece.



    I'm sure by now you've all heard the rumor spreading around the blogsphere like a freakin' wildfire, but I'm here to stoke the flames a bit more. For those of you scratching your head, allow me...

     Come July Google Reader is leaving us all high and dry and dying out like the dinosaurs way back when. 

     So, like everyone else I know, I'm jumping on the BlogLovin' bandwagon and offering you, my love bugs, another way to continue following along in my crazy Where There is Love, There is Life journey. 

    You can continue to follow using GFC, or you too can hop on the BlogLovin' bandwagon and click here (or on that cute little BlogLovin' button to the left) to follow along that way.

    Whatever floats your boat.

    With all of that boring crapola out of the way, I bid you a goodnight. This birds attempting to savor the last 2 hours of Sunday before the dreaded Monday devours any and all of her leftover weekend optimism, effervescence and well restedness.  

    Sweet dreams.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    It's hard to believe that this time last year we were back in the UK, sitting in The Railway pub alongside my in-laws savoring delicious pints of Guinness.
     What a difference a year can make. 

    This year could not be more different from our last - across the world tucked away in little ol' Vermont. And while there are no pubs - no delicious pints of frothy Guinness on tap right at our doorstep - there are homemade green waffles and Lucky Charms marshmallows and pretty green sprinkles.
    On days like this I always sit back and reminisce. Remembering who I was with, where I was and how much fun I was having this same time last year. Sometimes it makes me sad (of course, we all know how much Carl and I miss our English home, friends and family) but other times - like today - it makes me appreciative. It makes me happy. I feel blessed. How lucky am I to have such wonderful memories to reflect upon? To share? It's so easy to get caught up wishing you could go back in time, or fast forward to a something special in the future. It's hard to live in the moment. Enjoying what's happening at this very second, rather than wishing for the next best thing. Appreciating the simplicity of sitting together eating  homemade green waffles in the kitchen vs the loud drunken pub fun from a year ago. But I know it's important I do. Because someday I'll look back and I'll appreciate this morning. I'll remember who I was with, where I was and how much fun I was having. Just like last years Guinness fun alongside Mama Lynne and Papa Garry, I'll sit back and remember mine and Carl's simple silly leprechaun breakfast.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, love bugs! 
    From my green-waffle-making-house to yours.


    Page 2

    I was blessed in that I got a job within two weeks of being home. And every day I thank my lucky stars and know that a bit of right place at the right time must have influenced that. Hubby's job search, on the other hand, has been a very different - drawn out and frustrating - story. Ever since we set foot on US soil Carl has (like thousands of other's around the country) been applying for jobs. Relentlessly. Every day. Over and over. And it goes without saying that after a couple months of no luck and no news, he started to get drained and deflated. Well, both of us started to get deflated. Because we'd be a pair of damn liars if we said it wasn't aggravating and frustrating. Everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees - you gotta go out there every single day and earn it - and without any, shit just doesn't get done. Houses can't be bought, families can't begin to grow and beautiful Vermont vow renewals seem more and more impossible every day. It's disheartening to know that your hopes and dreams - the ones you've moved across the world for and fought so hard to make come true - are there at your finger tips but that there's not a damn thing you can do about it until dependable wages are bulking up that bank account every month.

    Money can suck it.

    So you can only imagine the pure joy and amount of 'holy cow our luck could be changing!' conversations that took place when Carl got the call that he had an interview at a local company that's a global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industries. His interview was bright and early Friday morning - so we spent our entire weekend twiddling our thumbs, impatiently hoping for good news come the beginning of the week.

    And this morning that news arrived in the form of a happy phone call. 


    I am over the moon and so proud of him. That next chapter of our lives is finally, slowly, starting to unfold. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Page 2. 


    Sunday Social: Take 2

    Sunday Social
    Happy Sunday, love bugs!

    I'm back. Officially through my Sunday Social procrastinating rut and ready to partake in the fun for a second time.
     High five. Do the hustle. Boom-chicka-bow-wow!

    And before I ramble anymore nonsensical mumbo jumbo lets just jump into this weeks questions, shall we?

    What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
    Mama Mia. I'm afraid it'll be so bad my ears will bleed.

    What is one TV show you've always wanted to get into but haven't yet?
    I've heard so many people rant and rave about how awesome 30 Rock is. I've never actually watched a single episode, but the hubs and I recently jumped on the Netflix bandwagon so I intend to change that very soon...just in time for the show to have officially ended.
    I'm so last millennium, aren't I?
    Whatever. I'm happy to drown my 30 Rock sorrows in a tub of Ben and Jerry's new Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt.

    What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
    To go sky diving.
    Probably the only reason I haven't done it is because I once saw an interview on Oprah or some other girly chat show about a woman who crash landed face first on a parking lot. She survived (someone up there must really have her back) and later discovered she was pregnant. Oh, and she had to have facial reconstruction surgery. Ow. Ow. Ow. Can you imagine?!

    I have the worst luck in the world, so I'm pretty sure I'd be the poor bugger who lands in the middle of a cactus farm (if there is such a thing) or a shark tank.

    Would you ever travel alone?
    I will and I have. Between mine and Carl's 10 year relationship and the 5 years I lived in England with him I've done my fair share of solo traveling up and over the pond. Do I enjoy it? Hell no. I hate it.
     There are three pivotal reasons why:
    1) I can't go pee without trying to cram all of my 88408 bags in the nasty germ ridden bathroom stall with me. (I don't travel light).
    2) As a woman who was stranded in Newark airport for 3 days as a result of a NorEaster cancelling my flight, I can wholeheartedly say that sleeping on the airport floor without anyone else around to help watch your bags or periodically scan the surroundings for creepers just plain bites the big one. You need a travelling partner in crime to rotate taking the night watch with. At least that way you're both able to get a little shut eye without being paranoid some weirdo will rob those 88408 bags.
    3) If you travel with someone else you're guaranteed a pillow for the flight and someone to help keep your ass afloat should the plane crash.

    What activities do you like to do alone?
    Run, bake and write. Oh, and I need to be alone when I watch The Notebook. I cry so much it's embarrassing, and Carl has absolutely no problem saying "Oh my god, are you crying?" and laughing in my face. 


    Maybe I should wake up early on Saturday more often

    I hate waking up early on a Saturday morning. I'm convinced its my insensitive work routine playing shitty tricks on me. Snickering with evil slanted eyes as it robs me of those precious extra weekend hours in my comfy warm bed. 

    "Muahaha. She's up! She's up! The poor bugger. And a whole two minutes before that Bell Tower alarm usually chimes. Perfect. Top of the mornin' to ya, sunshine!"

    If my work routine were a person I'd punch them square in the nose. 

    But it's not, so I quietly grumbled to myself this morning as I rolled from my side to my back and stared sleepily at the ceiling. It was then, in my sleep deprived stupor, that I noticed how bright and beautiful our room was. Filled from corner to corner with warm glowing sunshine, vibrant rainbows and sparkly white unicorns (okay, so I exaggerated about the rainbows and unicorns. But it was that magical they really could have been there). I admired the cheerfulness of the morning as yellow beams of sunlight peeking through the curtains and made happy "Good Morning!" abstract patterns on our wall.  And somewhere between whispering cuss words at the clock and wiping the sleep from my eyes, I began to smile. I smiled because that bright sunshine signified something special. For the first time this year I could feel that giddy tingle that only happens when Vermont Springtime is nearly here. And it was that Vermont Springtime tingle that's been absent for years that singlehandedly made waking up at 7:14 on a Saturday morning not only bearable, but enjoyable. 

    Hell, the only thing better could have been The Beatles singing Here Comes the Sun from the foot of my bed.

    And so it was with an extra spring in my step (get what I did there?) that I hopped along our chilly tiled floor to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face, and casually tied my hair up into a messy pony tail. Within 20 minutes of waking up I was fully dressed in my running gear, fiddling with the I'm Sexy and I Know it playlist on my phone a hurrying down the driveway with a smile.
    That extra sunshiny spring in my step meant that before 9 am I'd busted out a 4 mile run (which was slower than I'd like as it was riddled with hills and awful cramps - but nevertheless relaxed and relatively enjoyable), eaten breakfast, taken a shower, painted my face and booked a hair appointment with my friend Ashley for later in the morning. 
    (Ashley, I love my highlights! Thanks so much, you're a little gem!)

    The rest of the day was spent outside in the glorious 50 degree weather and endless sunshine we were graced with. Relaxed and centered primarily around tasting 80873945 different kinds of chili (which is weird, because Carl and I hate chili), Mom, Sonya, Jordan, Carlos and I spent the afternoon at the annual Vermont Chili Festival in Middlebury. It started 5 years ago (while I was in England) so the rest of the clan were all veterans, but for Carl and I it was a new experience. We meandered in and out of the crowds of chili lovers sporting our Chili buttons, voting tokens and plastic spoons. And regardless of the fact I only nibbled on pieces of bread or tortilla chips briefly dipped in the various spicy concoctions (no nasty ass beans beans the musical fruit or hamburg for this chick) I really enjoyed sampling all of the different yum-yums local Vermont restaurants had to offer.

     Today was sunshiny, happy and relaxed.  Just the way I like it.
    I guess waking up early on a Saturday isn't so bad after all. 


    Finish the Sentence

    Happy Friday, love bugs!
    My girl Holly (who's talented hubby is the mastermind behind my fantabulous blog design: Holla Chris!) and her blogging buddy Jake have started a new link up which was just too hilarious not to participate in. Called Finish the Sentence, it reminded me of some funky blog version of Mad Libs and I just could't pass it up.
    So, without further adieu, pop a squat and enjoy my answers :)

    1. People always tell me...I have a nice smile and a blubbly personality. Which, if I'm honest, has always worried me. Not because it isn't sweet, but because that's what the teachers always said to the pudgy insecure nerd burglars in school who were paranoid about what the snotty popular girls were giggling at during recess.

    2. In the movie based on my life... Amanda and Carl would win the lottery (bear with me here). With the money they'd buy a private jet and hire John Travolta's sexy ass to cart them (and their friends and families) back and forth between Vermont and England. They'd build castles on both sides of the pond (because John Travolta doesn't mind sleeping in their guest rooms from time to time) and fill them with Anderson babies, MaineCoon cats and Pomskies. Oh, and they'd visit Disney World 3 times a year and eat Belgain waffles with Ariel, Ellen Degeneres and ZaZu.

    3. Typically, I end up regretting... the craptastic cheap sports bras I buy on sale at TJ Maxx. In my mid 20s I've finally come to the realization that I have huge boobs and they need the proper support. Bad sports bra = black eyes.

    4. I always ask to leave off the...meat. I'm not a big fan of meat (get your mind out of the gutter!) 

    5. Kim and Kanye really need to...bugger off to some shitty deserted island where they are forgotten about and slowly morph into Tarzan and Jane. 

    6. My parents always reminded me...not to leave my wet towels on the floor or bed because if I did "the whole goddamn room would smell like cat piss!" I now remind Carl of this every single day. Yet more proof that I'm slowly morphing into my mother. Oy vey.

    7. Every single day... I'm shufflin' ♪♪♪ 

    8.This one time in College... I drank 5 too many tequila shots at a Halloween party, in a packed club, in the middle of Liverpool City Centre. Dressed as a devil (wearing a black and white cat tail - I still don't know where the cat tail came from) I went down an entire flight of stairs on my ass. In front of everyone inside that packed club in the middle of Liverpool City Centre. Upon landing at the bottom, Rihanna's Disturbia began playing and I began to bust a move from the floor. Shortly thereafter Carl escorted carried me home. The next day I could barely move because I'd bruised my coccyx. Like a boss.  

    9. My grossest habit is... picking my face. I CANNOT leave the house if there's a nasty pimple on show for the world to see. Can't do it. It has to go. Oh, and if I'm talking to anyone else who has left the house with big pimple on their face, I can't focus. They could tell me there's an alien on my shoulder and I wouldn't take any notice because the spot on their face would hog all of my attention. It's like Austin Powers all over again. Mole! Mole! Mole! 

    10. My latest white lie was...telling a little girl at school that I loved her bejazzled Hello Kitty shirt so much that I'd steal it from her if it were my size. It was cute on her...but I'd look pretty stupid wearing it.

    11. I know all the words to...Billy Madison. "Hello Mr. Penguin!"

    12. When I grow up I want to be... Like Betty White. i.e: AWESOME and fun to hang out with rather than some boring old bat trying to find her teeth under the couch cushion.

    13. Sexy time is...something my parents should be barred from talking about. Dad thinks he's funny but it truly does make me gag when he grabs Mom, wiggles his eyebrows and says 'Hey hun. How youu doin? Whatcha ya say we head downstairs?' Ew. Ew. Ew.

    14. I will never, ever... smoke cigarettes or eat an oyster. Gag.A.Maggot.

    15. I think it's hilarious...when people sneeze the bubbles from soda up their nose and make that cockeyed 'holy shit that hurts' face. Except when it happens to me. Then it's not funny.


    Sick Day

    The only good thing about a sick day is that you can spend the majority of it burrowed deep inside your warm cozy blankets. Pillows seem fluffier, time passes slower and, if you're lucky, husbands will take pity on your patheticness and rub your back as you drift in and out of sleep. 

    For the past two days an evil stomach bug (which, for the soul purpose of story telling we'll name Norman) has wreaked havoc and set up shop inside my gut. And as with any tummy bug, there were the confusing moments where I wasn't sure whether to sit down or stand over the toilet. (Yep, as always I'm keeping it real up in here). But thankfully, after waking up from what can only be described as a truly marvelous nap this afternoon, the grumbles in my belly have began to settle (thank God) and that horrible wetness in my mouth is finally dissipating (thank God). Norman is officially packing up and moving out - although it seems he enjoys this part of town and has decided to relocate just a short block over in the depths of Carl's belly. Poor bugger.

    We're married now, babe. What's mine is truly yours. Including our new friend Norman.

    So here I am, preparing to shift roles from the pathetic toilet loving lump to back rubbing Tums sharing wife of the year. 
    Wish me luck.
    Oh, and as a side note - My extra time in bed meant that my NookHD and I really relinquished the unplanned bonding time. Today I finally got to begin reading Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle (the author of  The Big Mama Blog, for those of you who didn't already know). I'm already 3/4 of the way through and I seriously can't put it down. In all honesty, you're damn lucky I've stopped long enough to type this post. So if, like me, you're one of those nosy people who enjoys reading memoirs - hop on the bandwagon. Just like her blog, Melanie's book is witty and honest. I just adore her writing, and getting to read all about her experience as a new Mom to Caroline is both hilarious and educational. 
    Check it out, peeps!


    So What Wednesday!

    So What Wednesday
    Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

    As always I'm linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat so what if...
    • With a mouthful of gum, I started choking yesterday as I drove home from work. Something went down the wrong hole and I had to frantically power down my window in order to spit my gum out before turning blue in a ditch somewhere. In all of the commotion I may or may not have accidentally done this on one of Vermont's busiest roads, Route 7 (to out of staters it's really not that busy). Anyway, my gum/spit ball landed on some poor buggers windshield. I know this because in my side mirror I saw their windshield fluid spraying upward and their wipers frantically flapping back and forth. Awkward.
    • I hate the smell of roses. 
    • I tried steamed Soy Beans for the first time in my life on Monday. Delicious.
    • I'm afraid to look outside at night for fear of eyeballs peeking back at me.
    • I gained 5lbs after returning home from England (I blame it on the Chicken in a Biskit crackers and VT Maple Syrup that I was deprived of for so long). I'm proud to report that since the beginning of Feb I've lost all 5lbs. Back down to my goal weight. Boom-chicka-wow-wow. Now Operation Tone Up has begun. Lord help me. 
    • I've seen You've Got Mail and Wimbledon over 50 times each. 
    • I sat in bed last night and read The Gruffalo. It's one of my favs.
    • I tried some Brazilian Butt Lift Zumba DVD last night with my sister. We looked like a pair of nerds. Especially during that 'sweep the sand' move. In fact we looked so ridiculous, I felt it only fair I rename the move spank the pony. Rude? Yes. But far more accurate. 
    • I immediately scroll past blog posts on my reader that are sponsored.
    • I used to be afraid of deflated balloons when I was little. 
    • I can't wait to be a Mommy.
    • My best friend is petrified of E.T. so I periodically 'E.T. phone home' when she least expects it. Also, laugh when my hubby posts E.T. pictures on her Facebook wall. 
    • I prefer Emmy Rossum's voice in the film Phantom of the Opera to that of the actual Broadway Christine.
    • Sonya and I are already planning another visit to the Big Apple.
    • I'm unbelievably excited for Sunday's time change. Longer days = Spring and Summer are on the way!


      The crazy shit we do to look good

      As I sat here in bed - stinking to high heavens like a Mounds candy bar with a plastic grocery bag tied tightly around my head in order to prevent the coconut oil hair treatment from craptastifying my sheets - I began to think. Mainly about the growing number of utterly ridiculous beauty regimes women go through in order to look good. And how stupid we all look while doing them. Let that swim around in your mind for a bit ladies: we actually look stupid in the process of looking good. Take me for instance. Right now. Little Miss Bag Head McGee. The dog won't stop sniffing me and yup, I look stupid. Wanna know whats even more hilarious? I know for damn sure I'm not the only stupid looking bag head in the world right now. Hell, there's probably 1,535439543 others. 

      HOLLA baghead chicks! Don't forget to get those face wipes ready in case some of that hair dye or coconut oil or avocado sludge is drippin' down your neck. Forget your Tide sticks. That shit stains! It doesn't come out!

      How many of you have let your leg hair get so out of control that you closely resembled a bear cub? And what for? Just so that you could pay to have someone else spread scorching hot wax over top and rip it out by the root? My eyebrows and legs actually BLEED when I have them waxed. Just ask my mother-in-law. And for those of you who say that waxing (of any body part) doesn't hurt. Well, you're well and truly full of shit my friend. Just ask Steve Carrel. The waxing scene (my favorite) part of 40 Year Old Virgin was filmed unscripted so that Steve's genuine reaction was caught on film.

      I think I find it so hilarious because he screams the words I think inside my head every time I'm waxed. The words every woman thinks inside her head.
      (WARNING: the F bomb is about to be dropped)

      "Suck-a-mutha-fucka! You shithead! I hate you!"
      Ever poked yourself in the eye while trying to apply mascara? Glued your eye shut with eyelash glue? Screamed bloody murder once you realized you left Nair on too long and it is now burning your skin? Twisted your ankle in 3 inch high heels? Cut yourself shaving? Inhaled half a bottle of hair spray? Scared your husband or pets with that purple face mask? Licked your fingers after using nail polish remover?

      I have.

      Wax. Nair. Fake tan. Fake nails. Laser treatments. Fake eyelashes. Eyelash tint. Eyebrow tint. Make up. High heels. Hair dye. Pantihoes. Tweezers. Razors. Hair spray. Bleach. Nail polish. Hair treatments. Face masks. Body suits. Mud baths. Little fish that eat the crusty dead skin off of our feet.

      The list is endless ladies. And I can guarantee that you, like every other woman around the world, have looked like a dumbass doing those things at some point in your life.

      There's just no getting around it , we women do some crazy shit in order to look good. 


      Today I Pop My Sunday Social Cherry

      Sunday Social
      Happy Sunday, love bugs!

      For months I've seen this cute Sunday Social link up floating around, and for months I've thought "that looks like fun!" but never ever got my ass in gear in time to participate. Well the times are a changin' my friends, cause here I am! Finally. 

      This weeks questions are all about the fabulous number 5!

       5 songs you'll listen to for the rest of your life:
      Coldplay: Clocks
      The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony 
      Hootie and the Blowfish: Time
      Led Zeppelin: Kashmir 
      Coldplay: Yellow

       5 things on your bucket list:
      Go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights
      Sky dive
      Run a half marathon
      Write a children's book
      Go on road trip down Route 66 with my hubby

       5 Celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day:
      Nigella Lawson
      Robin Williams
      Chris Martin
      Stephen Fry
      Ellen DeGeneres 

      5 things you always carry in your purse:
      Cell Phone

      5 books on your reading list:
      Sparkly Green Earrings
      The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
      Bloom (again - it's a book I like to re-read)
      Safe Haven
      Drinking and Tweeting

      The last 5 photos on your phone: