I pink puffy heart my new look

Oh. My. God.


I am so emphatically in LOVE with my new blog re-vamp! Just look at it! (Seriously. Love birds? Leaves in the shapes of hearts? Pastels? Pretty girly swirly letters? Say whaaat?!)
The truth is that if I were clever enough (and had a slightly less embarrassing diva voice) I'd totally mash-up Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire  and bust out something along the lines of My Blog is on Fire. Oh yeah, that happy crap would be allll over YouTube. 

Thankfully, I'm more in tune with my lack of Beyonce-ness than that damn moron who prances around like a pony on crack singing jibberish like Gangnam Style
(P.S. Why is he gettin' down on my television with pistachios now? Go away! Just leave me alone!)

Once again Big Holly's Chris over at Hubby Jack's Blog Designs  (yes, a MAN created this gorgeousness. Whoda thunk?) did a truly stellar job of re-designing my blog. And even when I was psychotically obsessing over which color palettes I liked on Pinterest, I couldn't have imagined he would create something so beautiful. I am genuinely tickled pink. 

So, Chris. Thank you, once again, for being the gem that you are. You never fail to take the time to really listen and work with my OCD bologna. You go above and beyond any expectations I have. You pull that blog-rabbit out of the hat. And it's for those reasons that you will forever be my blog-designer-boy.

P.S. If you're looking to freshen up your bloggy neck of the woods, get in touch with Chris throughout December to take advantage of his sale! $55 will get you a truly gorgeous blog designed according to your personal wants and specifications. Hop on this awesomesauce bandwagon! Cowboy Chris will hook ya up!
 (This post was in no way sponsored by Hubby Jack's Blog Design. This was my very own giddy gushing.)


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