Future Mr. and Mrs. Martin

I am tickled pink to share that, after 5 years of dating, my 'bro-in-law' Jordan finally popped the question...

and Sonya, my baby sister, said YES!
Together, in front of the Church Street Christmas tree, they grew up that little big more. They morphed from just boyfriend and girlfriend to future husband and wife. 
And, in the space of a week, they've continued to change, continued to grow even more. Because not only are they future husband and wife, they are also future home owners. Sonya and Jordan's offer on what will be their first home was accepted, just in time for Christmas. They close the end of January.

There are very few people I've shared my entire life with. Few people I can want to punch in the nose yet love unconditionally at the same time. Few people whose dreams and goals and ambitions mean as much to me as my own. But my sister is one of those people. My family, my best friend, the other pea in my pod. And to see her dreams coming true. To watch her - that little pipsqueak who used to follow me around and tattle when I snuck an extra corn muffin - grow into a beautiful, successful woman is truly a blessing.

Sonya and Jordan, Carl and I are so happy for you. You are truly perfect for one another, and we look so forward to the journey you'll share in the future.

We love you! 


  1. Ahhh! This post made me tear eyed. I have an older brother, but have never had a sister. I always wanted that bond that I saw so many sisters have. They had each other through thick and thin. I am expecting and this Friday we found out it will be another girl. Reading your post made me so excited for my 6 year old daughter to have a sister, someone who will look up to her, and someone who will be her best friend until the end! Congratulations to your sister and thank you so much for sharing this post!

    1. Nikki,

      Your comment is so unbelievably sweet! It makes my heart happy to know that this post has meant something special to you. Congratulations on your new baby! Your girls will become the best of friends - I don't know what I would have done without my Sonya - and I know (through the teenage fights and clothing thievery) they'll be there for each other. Through thick and thin.



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