That time I played the air violins

I have my musically inclined/obsessed/brilliant husband to thank for this little gem. As I sat perusing Pinterest for monster craft ideas for my preschoolers, I sang (awfully) along with my Pandora Easy Listening channel. When along came Bittersweet Symphony. Only one of my ALL TIME favorite songs. 

"I love this song. It's a gem."  I blurted out as I played my air violins. 
"You love this, go to Youtube and type in Richard Ashcroft Live8. You'll worship me."  Carl taunted from the kitchen. 

And it was at that very moment my life was changed for the better.

How have I been living my life oblivious of this little rendition? Richard Ashcroft performing Bittersweet Symphony with my loves, my Coldplay?!?!


...and you're so very welcome.  

Please, enjoy this musical brilliance for yourself. 

Now if you'll excuse me. I must get back to my air violins. 


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