Ohio State University has the moves like Mick Jagger

If any of you are morning show geeks like I am, you'll already have seen the buzz surrounding Ohio State University's marching band. But if you're currently residing in a cave or been boycotting all forms of social media, allow me to shed some light...


Back at the end of October I saw the Today show share this video of the Buckeyes marching band busting out Michael Jackson's moon walk. I was practically drooling all over myself.
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I mean who the hell thinks this stuff up? Can you imagine the coordination, dedication and time involved in something like this?Forming a ginormous Michael Jackson, Harry Potter or T-Rex as you play a musical instrument? Are you kidding me?
Shit. I  can barely tie my shoes and chew gum at the same time. 
These people are unbelievable!

And since their Michael Jackson tribute and Hollywood Blockbusters theme, they've been at it again. 
The Ohio State Marching Band graced the Today show again this morning with their incredible Civil War and Gettysburg Address tribute this past weekend. And yep, you guessed it. I drooled all over myself once more.
 Even though I've now seen a number of their routines I can't help but watch in awe. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I grew up in New England and attended college in England for both of my degrees. You can bet your ass there wasn't any fancy marching happening up in either of those places... 
 I've never ever been a part of football marching bands; never seen them in person. They're something that us 'northerners' only see in the movies, in the news or on the internet. But looking at these videos makes me want to hop a plane to be a part of the Buckeyes next game. Because this - this college football marching band - is a mighty find example of America's creativity, showmanship and outrageous-over-the-top ability to ooze patriotism and ingenuity.


  1. This is amazing! I was a band nerd in High School and we actually were REALLY good...but nothing like this!


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