Eyeball Infections, an Elf and a Santa Suit with a hole in the crotch.

So, my right eye is as pink as a pigs ass. No exaggeration. The doc says I've got a viral infection (not pink eye, thank God) that I need to watch carefully. All I know is that I swear my poor eyeball has been clawed at by ghost cats during the night and now I feel like a pot-head-pirate. This shit is for the birds. No bueno. Feel free to send good vibes my way, friends. I miss painless-white-eye normalcy.

In other news, on Sunday I FINALLY ordered mine and Carl's Elf on the Shelf (on sale from Target. Free shipping. Hollah!) Now, I know what you're thinking.What the hell am I going to do with an Elf on the Shelf when we haven't got any children yet? To which I say: practice, Yoda. Crispen (yes, I've named him already. In fact, he was named a year and a half ago when I created his board on Pinterest...) will be wreaking havoc in our household this year as I practice for the Little Anderson's arrival later down the road. What's more, I may reinvent Crispen as a 'Winter Gnome" and bring him to the Thunderdragon Classroom. I think the kids would pee their pants (literally) with excitement. We shall see. 

This is a totally random post with absolutely no theme or main idea. If you haven't already noticed.

Sunday is our newly formed family tradition of The Santa 5k. Last Year was such a ball we promised it would become an annual thing. This year, in addition to my mom and sister, our close family friend Annie, Annie's daughter Danielle and her brother John will be joining us. I can't wait. My ass needs to get out and hop on the running wagon again (seriously. It's getting jigglier by the day). I miss it and I'm starting to get the itch again. Hopefully this year Mom will remember NOT to wear a huge leather coat under her santa costume. I, on the other hand, need to get to work sewing the hole in the crotch of my Santa Suit. So not a good look.

I'm contemplating a blog re-vamp. Watch this space...

I'm so excited to watch The Biggest Loser tonight. I look forward to Tuesday's JUST for this reason. 

I still haven't completed my grocery shopping list for Thanksgiving. I have SO much to get and so little time. Must.Light.A.Fire.Under.My.Ass.

The hubs and I are going to attempt our first Black Friday sale this year. Which means getting to Best Buy 3 hours early, with the bazillion other people, in the freezing ass 5-15 degree weather. Everyone complains about Black Friday, but it's something I've always wanted to go and do. It sounds exciting (we'll see if my tune changes after I actually embark on this adventure). The hubs has been eyeing a flat screen for our living room, and we have a couple of $100 gift certificates to use up so I figured this is the perfect opportunity to save some dollah-dollah.

I only found out this morning that Kelly Clarkson is pregnant. Have I been in a cave? Either way, how adorable. I'm happy for both her and her hubby.

I have the urge to curl up in bed and watch Christmas with the Kranks for the second time in the past 3 days...(it's that time of the year, folks! Fa la la la la).

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Thanksgiving. I have the following Monday off too (hello car starter!) so I'm feeling especially excited. Hurray for school vacations! 


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