Frosty Windows

I have to admit that having only one vehicle can be a pain in the ass.

Point in case: this morning when my husband shook me at 6am letting me know his usual ride into work wasn't going in, so I needed to drive him (for the second time this week).

I flung the warm covers off and stomped around, lazily fumbling through my closet to find leggings, Ugg boots (with no socks) and a hoodie (to cover my ugly make-upless face). I couldn't help but swear in my sleepy stupor. Mumbling under my breath as I stumbled out the front door into the pitch ass dark where my sparkling ice covered car sat. You know winter's officially coming when you hear that distinct crunch as you open your drivers door. Ice crystals mean you're in for vicious rounds of shivers until that engine finally warms.

And so I sat there, shivering, swearing, yelling at the sun as it began to slowly slink up behind the mountains. Cursing the world around me as I continued to wait for Carl to collect his ham sandwich from the fridge and plunk himself next to me where I could bombard him with counterproductive miserable statements like:

"you need to get your ass in gear and get your drivers license."
"This one car shit is for the birds." 

But as I ventured down the road, slowly the ice crystals began to thaw. The frosty windows, once crunchy and opaque, were now clear and glossy. And with every minute my shivers died down along with my misplaced anger.

Yes, having only one vehicle can be a pain in the ass. Yes, the fact that Carl only has his permit and is in the process of feeling comfortable enough to take his drivers test is frustrating. Yes, I hate being shaken awake at 6am in order to rush out to a freezing ass car. But at the same time, life could be worse. A whole lot worse than some frosty windows.

And besides, on December 2nd my long awaited car starter gets installed.

Things are looking up.


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