Black Friday be Cray-Cray

Well, I don't know about you, but my pants are certainly tighter and my heart still swelling. Thanksgiving was a success at our home, and our dinner went off without a hitch (well, aside from the turkey taking an extra 25 minutes to cook because it was the size of South America). But tardiness aside, our Thanksgiving day was delightful. My homemade garlic and sage stuffing (made like Grandma Cousino used to - with the addition of patotoes) was a hit, the new green beans and mushroom dish was drool-worthy and the the gravy lumpless and velvety. In addition to the savory munching, my pumpkin pie I slaved over at 6am was oh-my-god yummy, the cranberry cheesecake bars were super rich and Sonya's chocolate 4-layer cake: to die for. I'm pretty positive it was the sampling of all those sweet treats that put me over the edge and busted my gut. Maybe some year I'll learn to just say no to the desserts. (HA! Who the hell am I kidding?)

But the real success of Thanksgiving was that Dad was there to join us. Mr. pro-buck-hunter-extraordinaire was successful in Maine and returned home early on Wednesday with another yummy deer. (seriously, I don't know where all of this extra venison is supposed to go? Between Porky the pig he has butchered and portioned in there and his first deer, you have to body slam the freezer door to get it to close). Nevertheless, it was the best surprise to have our little clan complete. My cousin Wendi was also able to join us this year, which meant that our big 11 person Thanksgiving dinner was missing no one. What a feeling to have so many loved ones together in one space. Its this, the overwhelming sense of family, that makes the holidays so wonderful. I just love the happy tingles.

And on that note, we're now going to transition from that warm fluffy feeling to absolute people be cray-cray-up-in-here-pandemonium.

Hello Black Friday!

 Even now as I try my hardest to tune out the Today show in the background, I can't completely block out the excited yapping about a 40" Samsung plasma for $500, diamonds and cashmere sweaters at Macy's and 50% off the entire store at Old Navy. 


And if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know I LOVE a good bargain. In fact, there are few things in this life that make my heart pitter patter faster. So you'll probably recall Tuesday's post where I was excitedly rambling about how this year would be my first Black Friday experience. Heading to the big box stores in order to steal some deals. Ignorantly blabbing about how I never understood why people complained so much about it. Idiotically envisioning civilized lines where people walk up to their item of choice and casually remove it from the pile and make their way to the check-out. Blissfully unaware of the reality. A dark, ugly reality where nut jobs foam at the mouth and will happily claw your hair out and blind you with the heel of their dog shit shoe in order to get that last Xbox or toaster oven. 

Oh man. 
My first In-Store Black Friday experience is something I never wish to repeat again. 
That shit is like a real life version of The Hunger Games.

No thank-you.

And while I did manage to make an alliance with a gaggle of Canadian Mama's and secure my 15 piece pots and pans set for an astounding $89 (Just call me Katniss. Boom-chicka-wow-wow), Carl - his games, Sonya and Jordan - their Christmas gifts; I can wholeheartedly say that it felt like Pampolna in the running of the bulls. After waiting for an hour and a half, Carl was shoved in the back by a little gremlin-man (who sneakily slid through the crowds 5 minutes before the sales went live) and was pissed Carl got the last Xbox game. Grandpa's were bellowing. Grandma's were wagging fingers in other Grandma's eyes. Mom's stood in the toy aisles using the language of 80 year old sailors. Children were strategically thrown in piles to grab boxes. I felt as though any minute a riot would break out and I'd die, squished like a pancake on the hard tile floor, clutching my precious box of pots and pans yelling for my Mommy.

My friends, if you leave this post with one thing, let it be this. The one thing I left the big box stores with last night.

In-Store Black Friday is not for the weak. In-Store Black Friday is for the crazy.
Besides, if you do your research, you can get awesome deals online without the scary greedy weirdos.
Point in case: hubby was able to get us our new LG 55" Flat Screen (men and their ridiculously big TV's) at Best Buy online. Originally $1,000, we  got it on sale for $500. But only paid $365 (using our gift certificates) with free shipping.
Best part? We did it from the comfort of the couch, didn't get swore at and we weren't sucker punched by gremlin-men.

Next Black Friday I plan to repeat this "online in the comfort of your own home" approach. I
t's like a fine-tuned recipe for success.

Sweet and Sour In-Store Black Friday is for Crazies
1 pair of comfy PJ's,
1 functioning lap top
2 comfy crazy-free couch cushions.

Relax until well rested.


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