Lazy Guilt

I've been planning and meaning and wanting to catch my blog up on my recent shenanigans for over a month now. Ok, so that's a lie. Realistically, its more like 3 months. Either way it's been a long time.

What can I say? Procrastination is a bitch, my friends.

Allow me to explain: 
Ever recall being so far in a hole that you wonder if you'll ever dig yourself out? Standing there as the dirt trickles down the sides into your hair, with tunnel vision you look up smearing brown marks across your face as you try desperately to wipe the sweat away. You squint toward the light just knowing it's going to be one hell of a messy struggle to dig procrastinating ass out - but you must. You must because the inevitable has happened. Your lazy guilt has finally wormed it's way into your mind, harassing you with a condescending Jack Donaghy voice. Reminding you over and over of all the times you should have picked that hole-filling shovel up, but instead you grabbed an Autumn Woodchuck and perused Pinterest for an hour. Throwing in your face all of the evenings you reclined with a cappuccino and watched The Voice or Say Yes To The Dress when you really should have been emotionally pouring your heart into your Vow Renewal post. Or uploaded all of those New York City and Color Run pictures hogging your iPhone memory.

Lazy guilt has finally got the best of me. I admit it. So much so, that last night in my sleep Jack Donaghy actually twisted my ear and murmured with his velvet superhero villain tone:

"Get off your ass, Lemon. Now go and write something witty and funny."
So here I am. Scratching my head late at night, munching on Sabor de Soledad wheat thins, trying desperately to get my shit together.
All so that in the very near future, there'll be something witty and funny.
The show must  go on.

Aint nobody got time for lazy guilt. 

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