When Life Gives You Lemons

For almost a year Jen and I have been planning to run the Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon together. We've swapped ridiculous costume ideas, laughed about how I'll probably need her to kick me in the ass around mile 10, and joked about  why porta potties really line the race routes. And back in June we did it. We finally bit the bullet and registered together online. With our race packets set to mail, our Nike's laced tight and our Higdon Novice apps at the ready, we officially began the half marathon training process at the beginning of August. Blisters were a forming. Butterflies were a flyin'. Shit was getting real. Real exciting.

But then the hubby and I went to book our flights a couple of weekends ago. And discovered that flights were once half the price of what they are now.

And shit got even more real. Real expensive. 

That, my friends, that $800+  price tag for JUST our flights was a lemon. A big, fat, juicy sour lemon smacking me right in the face. Stinging my eyeballs. Making me want to cry. And cry I did.

I know that everything happens for a reason. I wholeheartedly believe that we're presented with shitty situations, challenging uphill battles, things that don't make sense to us for a reason. Because they teach us life lessons we never would have learned otherwise. And while I know it's not the end of the world that with everything going on right now Carl and I can't afford to go - that Jen and I won't be able to run our half together this October like we've always talked about - we've still got our health, our families, our jobs - Carl and I are in the process of  looking for a house to buy, I've got a new teaching job. We're so unbelievably blessed. But the situation still sucks. I'm still sad. And the truth of the matter is that when my race packet with my bib and my sweatshirt finally arrive in the mail, I'm going to bawl my eyes out. I'll curse the airlines for their outrageous hike in ticket prices and I still be just a little heartbroken. 

But I'll also still run.

I'll still wear a crazy Halloween costume. I'll still lace up my Nike's and press start on my Nike Running App. I'll still pin on my Monster Dash bib.

I'll run.

Right alongside my friend as she kicks ass all the way across the country. I'll pretend my dusty Vermont side road is really the crowded street in the middle of Chicago sprinkled with runners and porta potty's and cheering friends and family. I'll make my own damn medal. I'll be my own cheering squad. I'll construct the best damn DIY finish line you've ever seen.

I'll run.

Because when life gives you big, fat, juicy sour lemons, you make some damn good lemonade. 

So let's do this, Twinnie! I'll be right along side you guys - bustin' it out VT style! And hell, I might even be dressed like a lemon.


  1. What a bummer. That is one really sour lemon. But, kudos to you and your great attitude! I can't wait to see you costumes. :)

    Jordan @ Let Them Ear Paste

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  2. Twinnie...I don't even want to run that damn half marathon this year. I say we get Halloween costumes, run 3.1 miles (instead of 13.1) take pics and talk on the phone WHILE we run the whole time. Then we will each send each other a Homemade medal and call it a done deal. Then in 2014...we will sign up for a REAL race together and do this the right way. What do you say, girlfriend?!!!!

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