Pattern Blocks

I remember going to bed one cozy winter night when I was about 8 years old. I hugged my stuffed Jammie-Pie to my chest as I stared into the far corner of my room where my Mickey night light dimly glowed. My eyes locking to his familiarly comforting bright blue Fantasia hat, I felt them grow heavy as I rubbed the silk trim of my blanket over the palm of my hand. Slowly Mickey faded away into the darkness of my eyelids until the sudden irritating screech of my alarm clock beep beep beeped in my ear. Sunlight streamed through my curtains. As I sat up in bed, confused and discombobulated, I strained my blurry eyes to read the red digital alarm clock numbers which displayed a very box-like 6:30. Bewildered, I struggled to understand how it could possibly be morning when only 5 minutes ago I'd stared sleepily at a glowing magic mouse.

To this day that remains one of the most unusual and memorable nights of my life. And as clear as day I can remember the short-lived dream. Consisting only of an all white room and pattern blocks. In front of me I stared at a life size, colorful, perfectly built house, just like every Kindergarten child draws. Only it was made entirely out of small wooden triangles that were blue, yellow squares, green diamonds and ruby red trapezoids.

I hate 5 minute pattern block dreams. They're like watching a fuzzy short-film where someone has continuously pressed the fast forward button until the credits roll. By time it's over you're utterly disoriented, feeling as though you've been robbed a decent nights sleep, and left questioning whether Doctor Who's Tardis really does exist.

Well my friends, in the world of Amanda the month of July has been one of those pattern block dreams.

As August begins I find myself disoriented, feeling as though I was robbed of the entire month, and contemplating if that damn Tardis is plunked at the end of the next rainbow I see. Directly to the left of the leprechaun and pot of gold.

So many unbelievably wonderful things have happened over the past 30 days. Memorable, exciting, beautiful things. I can't wait to take a deep breath, fall backwards into a comfy fluffy chair, sip a piping hot cuppa tea and share them with you. Here. On my blog I've so wrongly neglected.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially declare August as a month of deep breaths, appreciative smiles and reflection. 
Stay tuned.


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