Happy Sunday friends!

This weekend (or, in reality, this whole past week) has been filled with 70 degree temperatures, alcoholic beverages, poolside shenanigans and Springtime sunshine - which, of course, inevitably lead to sunburns. The weather here in little ol' Vermont has been warm, bright and oh so unbelievably glorious. Spring is most definitely here.

Yesterday some of my best girlfriends came over to lounge in the sun and help Sonya and I clean Mom and Dad's pool. As usual, Tasha said the hell with it and jumped right into the concoction of spiders, bees, leaves and god-knows-what-else. None of the rest of us were as brave (or stupid! Haha!). Mom and Sonya used good ol Vermont ingenuity and put one of Dad's work ladders across the pool to work as a shelf, and that's where this pansy plunked herself for the duration of our cleaning expedition. Being the good friend that I am, I let Tasha bask in all of the buggy, leafy, dirty year old pool water glory. Nevertheless, within an hour we had the pool cleaned and could relax the beautiful sunshine. Together we chose a nice spot on the grass to lay our lawn chairs and towels, and it wasn't long before the overwhelming stench of poop wafted to my nose. Yep. Leave it to me to lay my towel approximately 2 feet from a nice fresh pile of dog shit.
Last night the hubs and I joined the rest of the fam for a 'Casino Night' which raised money for local businesses/charities. Dad spent the evening laughing hysterically and kicking ass at the craps table (he won some stupid amount, like 10s of thousands of dollars in fake paper money and raffle tickets) while Carl enjoyed playing Poker, and Jordan, Sonya, Mom and I tried our hand at Blackjack. I haven't had as  much fun as I did last night in a while. Both Sonya and I nearly pissed our pants when we ended up getting 21 and doubling up on GINORMOUS bets. One right after another. We have some serious finger crossing, shit luck and 'Sisterly Love' to thank for that.
Last Saturday the I took the hubby for the first time to Shelburne Farms. What the hell is Shelburne Farms you say? To which I reply, allow me to copy and paste the little blurb from their website because they've defined it better than I ever could:

 Shelburne Farms is a nonprofit education organization whose mission is to cultivate a conservation ethic for a sustainable future.  Our campus is a 1,400-acre working farm and National Historic Landmark on the shores of Lake Champlain in Shelburne, Vermont. 

Throughout my childhood I've visited Shelburne Farms on numerous field trips - it's a favorite for the local schools. They have over 8 miles of walking trains (or, if you're feeling less energetic a tractor wagon ride). An animal petting section filled with goats, chickens, donkeys, lambs (which they use to support the kitchen in their Inn - slightly morbid, but nevertheless true). A bakery, dairy barn, cheese making section, old fashioned woodcrafting section and a gorgeous Inn & Coach House down by beautiful Lake Champlain. In my opinion Shelburne Farms is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vermont, and one of my all time favorites. It's fabulous to bring children to (I brought one of my kiddos on a field trip there just last week and in the future the little Anderson's will spend many a day on the Farm) or a romantic little getaway for your honey. Officially, until May 11th it's considered 'off-peak season', so that meant Carl and I didn't have to pay to enter the grounds. The cheese making or woodcrafting wasn't open to the public yet, but the walking trails, animals, and bakery were there to enjoy. Both of my visits there, both with my husband and with my kiddo, were so much fun. While you're there time passes slower, the grass smells sweeter and the beautiful simplistic charm of Vermont overwhelms you. I can't wait to go back.

Last week I saw Megan share on Istagram a picture of her new bedding she bought from Overstock.com and I nearly died. For a while now I've been contemplating purchasing new bedding - something that I could take with us into our house and work a room around (paint, furniture, curtains etc), So when I saw Megan's picture I fell in love. It was exactly what I'd been envisioning. This morning the hubby and I agreed on its perfectness (ok, more like he said "Oh yeah, babe! That's lovely! Very nice!" while his eyes darted back and forth to his Liverpool vs Everton football match) and I went ahead and ordered it (with my new customer 10% off and free shipping. Boom!). I'm seriously too impatient for everything the 5-10 business day delivery estimation and wish it were here right now. I also think it's safe to say I've never been so excited for bedding and pillows in my entire life. I'mofficiallyanoldmarriedlady.com
If you're just as in love as me - I got it here!

Summery nails.
More bike rides with Sister.
 I've been enjoying local bakery deliciousness in the form of Blackberry Scones and Poppyseed bagels with scallion cream cheese.
This time of year especially, I stop to really appreciate and admire where I call home. With its clean green parks, quaint Main Street churches and weekend Farmers Markets, Vermont is truly a gorgeous place to live.

I can't wrap my mind around how it's May already. How is that even possible? I feel like just yesterday I was blogging about the snow day as a result of the 2 feet of snow bucketing down. How can it be warm enough already for pool cleaning and sunburns?

Guess it's true what they say. Time flies when you're having fun.


  1. What a fun weekend! I am jealous it was even close to warm enough for the pool! I love Woodchuck hard cider :)

    1. I'm sure the warm weather is coming soon to your neck of the woods! Hang in there!
      P.S. Woodchuck lovers unite! ;)

  2. Your life looks so relaxing yet adventurous! I want chickens!


    1. You're too cute, Lura. I want chickens too! Our neighbors have them and they're adorable! I think once Carl and I have bought our house I'll invest in some. Haha! Maybe 3 so I can name them Larry, Curly and Moe.


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