In the morning I'm gonna run like I robbed a bank.

In the morning, for the first time ever, I'll be running in the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon. And while I wish with all of my heart I was conditioned enough to run the full marathon, the obvious truth is that I'm so not. So this year I'm participating as part of a relay team and will be running a 6.1 mile leg. Perhaps next year I'll get my ass in grear and bump that up to 13.1? I mean, after running my first half in October with Jen I'll practically be a pro, right?

Pfffft. The day I'm a half marathon pro is the day pigs fly and my husband eats onions...

So this year, for now, I'm stretching, chugging water like the morning after my bachelorette party and praying for a good nights rest. I've got my outfit neatly arranged on my dresser, my headphones and iPhone arm band packed in my purse and my alarm set for 5:45. 

Wish me luck, friends! Come morning this chick plans to rock the shit outa those 6.1 miles.

I'm gonna run like I just robbed a bank. 

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