Soaking up the surroundings

Let me preface this post with a short, concise statement.

The following has no theme, no streamline idea or consistent discussion. It is a jumbled up, photo-filled, discombobulated rambling concoction of my recent adventures. The same as life, it doesn't make sense and it doesn't have to. 
We've enjoyed the delicious confections from local cupcake bakeries. 

and some of us got sad when the entire blob of buttercream popped off...
Carl had to walk around Church Street one afternoon looking like he'd pissed his pants because Jordan accidentally spilled a glass of water while out to dinner. 
The weathers been nice enough lately that I've been able to bust out my maxi dresses.
And sit on the back porch drinking yummy local beer.
I've admired the simplistic beautify of happy sunshiny daffodils.
And the rainbow sprinkles on this years first creemee. A maple vanilla swirl. 
The family (even Bobbi Jo) has congregated on the front lawn to play frisbee and soccer and football.
I've spent rainy Sunday afternoons basking in all of Barnes and Noble's quiet, calming glory. Smelling the fresh ink in crisp cookbooks, running my hands over the shiny vibrant pages of children's books from my past.  

Carl and I have enjoyed cute messages from Mama Lynne and Papa Garry (who have officially booked their flights! We look forward to a fabulous 10 days with them this July!)
and I've made the hubs favorite Nigella Lawson Toad in the Hole. 

For the first time Sonya and I savored the unbelievably delicious food at The Farm House Grill, a restaurant on Church Street that's menu is made up entirely of local ingredients from local farmers (including the beer, wine and cider!)  We'll be back again very, very soon.
And while Sonya and I were eating sophisticated organic yumminess, the boys were stuffing themselves full of 16oz pulled pork sandwiches. 
We clapped and cheered on chair-balancing street performers.
and posed at the windy waterfront.

We've gone for family walks and made silly faces.
The Englishmen never leaves the house without his football...
Last Friday I gave blood for the first time in my life. And although I nearly fainted and walked away with a nasty bruise, I'm excited to do it again very soon. That day I lost a pound and saved 3 lives. Truly a win win situation.

Sister and I have gone for bike rides under the blue sky.
And the hubby has had to shoo Bobbi Jo away from his ham sandwiches.
For the first time since I've been back in the states, I've made my famous Lemonies
And Lovely Lemon Lemon Bread
On Monday I began my half marathon training, and savored the breezy comfiness that is Mom and Dad's front porch swing.
Mom took this weeks 70 degree weather as a sign to set up her comfy-miss-matched outside lounge on the front porch. While Dad vroom-vroomed around the lawn with fresh fragrant mulch.
This morning I sat in the sunshine on the front porch. Slowly sipping away at a piping hot cup of Vermont Blend Green Mountain Coffee, I listened to the birds happy songs as I admired the vibrant green tulips beginning to make their grand entrance and an abandoned bird nest left over from last Fall. It felt good to sit. To smell the earthy Spring air, to hum along with the birds and grumbling far away tractors. To taste fresh coffee and to appreciate the humbling beauty surrounding me. It felt good to do nothing at all but soak it all in.  
I hope today you're able to do the same. 

Happy Weekend, love bugs. 


  1. Looks like you've had some great times! I am going to have to make those Lemonies :)


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