Otter Creek Mud Run

This morning I ran on trails for the first time, dodged dog shit, almost twisted my ankle on a numerous rocks, was passed by 12 year old children, covered my brand new favorite running shoes in mud, had to walk the final sections of 2 separate hills and came unbelievably close to puking. 

But this morning I also ran my fastest 5k yet. 

Regardless of the mud puddles, the rocks, the hills, the watery feeling in my mouth around mile 2 or the why the hell am I doing this shit? thoughts. I did it. I finished my best time yet, a final time of 28:36 and a pace of 9:13 per mile. I genuinely could not be happier. 
As with all of my previous races, Sonya was right there beside me for the on your mark, get set, go! Only this time, our friend Danielle also joined us as well. Danielle, the daughter of our families long time friends and Sonya's Godparents (I also claim them as my adopted Godparents) Keith and Annie, was an avid runner before the birth of her ADORABLE little boy, Spencer. But now that Spencer is almost 2, Danielle has recently started to get back into running. Today was her first 5k since Spencer's birth, and it was so much fun to watch her kick butt and take names. All 3 of us worked our asses off this morning as we trudged through those muddy-dog-poop-speckled-trails and climbed those horrendous hills. We achieved goals, set new personal records and had fun. Hell, we were practically the 3 freakin Muskateers. 

"Sonya, give us a thumbs up!"
Danielle, I want to congratulate you on a fantastic run today! You achieved your goal of running your first post-Spencer 5k under 30 minutes! You rock! Running this race with you today made me even more excited to be teammates in our upcoming KeyBank Vermont City Marathon relay next month. You kicked ass and I'm so proud of you :) High five, Momma! 
Sonya, you kicked some serious ass today girlfriend! You finished today in 33 minutes, which was your fastest 5k to date! (Holla!!!) I am so very proud of you for sticking with your running (even though you claim you hate it! Haha!) and being my fearless bear-protector as we venture down our road each afternoon. I couldn't ask for a better running partner. You're my bestest friend, my baby sister, and sharing these special achievements with you has been a blessing. xoxo
I also want to thank my hubby, parents, grandmother, uncle, cousin and 'brother-in-law' (aka the cheering-squad)  for their encouragement and support today. 
Love you all xoxo

Today was another success in the running world of Amanda. Not only did I run my fastest 5k to date, but I also got to donate and participate in Vermont's Get Moving For Boston. Tonight I'm going to sleep tonight with a happy heart and tired legs. 

(Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I'll be sharing my Get Moving For Boston experience. But now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming. In other words. I'm tired as hell. Goodnight.)


  1. congrats on running your fastest 5k!!


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