So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

As always I'm linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat SO WHAT if...
  • I even wore blue underwear yesterday for World Autism Awareness Day (to learn more about that, please read yesterdays post. It's near and dear to my heart).
  • The hubby and I have started saying 'that's what she said' at the end of practically everything. 
  • I think Dropbox is one of the best inventions ever.
  • I'd planned to wear heels to work today...then I smartened up.
  • I'm the dumbass who walks into/headbutts open cupboards. At work. Where swearing is strictly prohibited because my kiddo is watching my reaction.
  • Every morning I do dorky things like stop to listen to the happy little birds singing. Their songs are the perfect reminder that Spring is FINALLY here. 
  • I've had Rockin' Robin stuck in my head all day. Don't ask me why.
  • I promised myself I wouldn't start running in my new Nike Free Run+s until I start my half marathon training in July...But we all know I'm as patient as diarrhea after a plate of Chinese food... so I 'tested' them out today and took them for a short 2 miler. Friends, I am in love. They're truly the shit and I ran my fastest ever in them. I may or may not have shed a few tears as I forced myself to put them back in their box for 3 more months. Must be patient. Must. Boo!
  • I can't stand when people post 80 million 'selfies' a day. What's the point? Nobody needs to fish for compliments like that. Your head will grow so big it'll explode!
  • I eat spoonfuls of Cool Whip even though I know that crap is full of nasty chemicals. 
  • (speaking of crap..) I ate an obscene amount of bite size Snickers bars over Easter. Pretty sure my butt grew like the Grinch's heart at Christmas.
  • I saw a wife run over her husbands toes with a shopping cart today in the grocery store and nearly peed my pants. I couldn't help it.
  • I almost always go 5mph over the speed limit.
  • My friends Theresa and Sarah introduced me to the new Snapchat app on Monday at our work meeting. Since then, I've sent some of the dumbest photos on it and I love that after 10 seconds they're gone forever. No one will ever know about our cross eyed shenanigans. 
  • I drooled on my pillow last night and dreamed that Kelly Kapoor from The Office was rubbing vegetable oil on my feet while I was spinning at a gym in NYC. So weird.
  • I purposely ignore "Mike the Situation" type men who walk around with their shirts off because I think they're arrogant shit bags.
Your turn. What are you saying so what to this week?


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