Free Cone Day

Throughout my travels in and out of the US, I can't tell you the amount of dumbass people who, after inquiring where I'm from, have wrinkled their eyebrows and asked whether Vermont is a city in New York or a part of Canada. 

I shit you not.

It used to infuriate me when people blurted out ignorant questions like the above - especially the times those boneheads from Florida and Tennessee asked (WERE THE 50 STATES NOT A PART OF THEIR SCHOOLING?!) but after a while I learned to laugh it off, shrug and calmly explain how Vermont is, in fact, it's very own state smack dab in the middle of New England; directly to the right of New York and left of New Hampshire. In the same way that I'm one big walking mathematical brain fart, clearly there are some people out there seriously struggling with geography.

And while I continue to do my best to educate the world of the lush green land that is Vermont, I've come to terms with the fact that it's simplistic beauty and abundant cow population will forever be overshadowed by California's orange plastic people and New York's shiny Big Apple. We Vermonters are minnows in an American sea of Sharks. With that said, it's probably no shock that although VT is filled to the brim with numerous magnificent creations and concoctions, the sad reality is that very few of our totally awesome products get recognized nationally, let along world wide. 

Except for our Ice Cream.

Sure, a few of you may have heard of our sweet maple syrup, or enjoyed our tangy Cabot cheese...but I can guarantee that ALL of you are well aware of these two Vermont hippy geniuses. 
Ben & Jerry
Some of the best ice cream in the world, B&J's creamy bazzillion flavors have made millions around the world smile, scrape bowls clean and get fat. It truly is the shit. And it started right here in little ol Vermont.

So it should come as no surprise that every year since 1979 we proud Vermonters (as well as thousands upon thousands of other B&J enthusiasts around the world) take a designated day in April every year very seriously. Eager to support our state...and fill our guts...every year we line the streets outside Scoop Shops for one reason, and one alone...

For those of you who have been living in a cave didn't know today is Ben and Jerry's 2013 Free Cone Day!!
And you can bet your ass that today this Vermonter (as well as my sister and hundreds of other ice cream lovers) stood in line to get a free cone.
I chose Butter Pecan and although my butt grew with every single bite, it was divine and SO worth every single creamy calorie.

So make sure you stop by your local Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop today for your free cone. And if you're looking for something to do while waiting in line, join my ignoranmous-free campaign and feel free to remind the person behind you that Vermont is, in fact, a state.  


  1. Hey, at least people think you're from somewhere cool. When traveling and I'm asked that question, I have to say "Near Detroit" because that's the only city known in Michigan in the U.S and people slowly back away from you and say nothing else because they think I'm going to mug them and shoot them. I kid you not haha

    I missed out in the free come day :( but sadly did finish off a pint from Ben and Jerry's

  2. People constantly think "New Mexico" isn't part of America either. I've even been told "your English is great!" xx

  3. I love Vermont! And I am bummed out I didn't go get my free cone :(


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