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I was blessed in that I got a job within two weeks of being home. And every day I thank my lucky stars and know that a bit of right place at the right time must have influenced that. Hubby's job search, on the other hand, has been a very different - drawn out and frustrating - story. Ever since we set foot on US soil Carl has (like thousands of other's around the country) been applying for jobs. Relentlessly. Every day. Over and over. And it goes without saying that after a couple months of no luck and no news, he started to get drained and deflated. Well, both of us started to get deflated. Because we'd be a pair of damn liars if we said it wasn't aggravating and frustrating. Everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees - you gotta go out there every single day and earn it - and without any, shit just doesn't get done. Houses can't be bought, families can't begin to grow and beautiful Vermont vow renewals seem more and more impossible every day. It's disheartening to know that your hopes and dreams - the ones you've moved across the world for and fought so hard to make come true - are there at your finger tips but that there's not a damn thing you can do about it until dependable wages are bulking up that bank account every month.

Money can suck it.

So you can only imagine the pure joy and amount of 'holy cow our luck could be changing!' conversations that took place when Carl got the call that he had an interview at a local company that's a global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industries. His interview was bright and early Friday morning - so we spent our entire weekend twiddling our thumbs, impatiently hoping for good news come the beginning of the week.

And this morning that news arrived in the form of a happy phone call. 


I am over the moon and so proud of him. That next chapter of our lives is finally, slowly, starting to unfold. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Page 2. 


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