So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

As always I'm linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat so what if...
  • With a mouthful of gum, I started choking yesterday as I drove home from work. Something went down the wrong hole and I had to frantically power down my window in order to spit my gum out before turning blue in a ditch somewhere. In all of the commotion I may or may not have accidentally done this on one of Vermont's busiest roads, Route 7 (to out of staters it's really not that busy). Anyway, my gum/spit ball landed on some poor buggers windshield. I know this because in my side mirror I saw their windshield fluid spraying upward and their wipers frantically flapping back and forth. Awkward.
  • I hate the smell of roses. 
  • I tried steamed Soy Beans for the first time in my life on Monday. Delicious.
  • I'm afraid to look outside at night for fear of eyeballs peeking back at me.
  • I gained 5lbs after returning home from England (I blame it on the Chicken in a Biskit crackers and VT Maple Syrup that I was deprived of for so long). I'm proud to report that since the beginning of Feb I've lost all 5lbs. Back down to my goal weight. Boom-chicka-wow-wow. Now Operation Tone Up has begun. Lord help me. 
  • I've seen You've Got Mail and Wimbledon over 50 times each. 
  • I sat in bed last night and read The Gruffalo. It's one of my favs.
  • I tried some Brazilian Butt Lift Zumba DVD last night with my sister. We looked like a pair of nerds. Especially during that 'sweep the sand' move. In fact we looked so ridiculous, I felt it only fair I rename the move spank the pony. Rude? Yes. But far more accurate. 
  • I immediately scroll past blog posts on my reader that are sponsored.
  • I used to be afraid of deflated balloons when I was little. 
  • I can't wait to be a Mommy.
  • My best friend is petrified of E.T. so I periodically 'E.T. phone home' when she least expects it. Also, laugh when my hubby posts E.T. pictures on her Facebook wall. 
  • I prefer Emmy Rossum's voice in the film Phantom of the Opera to that of the actual Broadway Christine.
  • Sonya and I are already planning another visit to the Big Apple.
  • I'm unbelievably excited for Sunday's time change. Longer days = Spring and Summer are on the way!


    1. I just love when my husband takes the piss out of my best friend.. It warms my heart. Great post!

      1. Taking the piss out of any friend is a glorious thing. Ha! Thanks for stopping by, Andrea! :)

    2. Yeah time change rocks! I posted that too in my SWW! You are still super tiny with or without 5 lbs! Your adorable! Have a great week!

      1. Jess, you're too damn sweet. Seriously. Thanks for the kind words - and high five to the time changing lovers! Boom!
        Have a great weekend! :) xo

    3. I'm not a rose fan either, thankfully my hubby got my lilies for Valentines Day :)

      1. Lilies are my favorite flowers! Such a lucky lady :)

    4. Um, definitely afraid of eyeballs looking back at me too. Also, if I know someone is coming home soon at night I refuse to spend more than a few seconds in the kitchen (where they will come in through) because I know if they come home while I'm there they will scare the pee out of me.

      1. Hahaha! We are nighttime hating twins!

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      I hope you can make it!

      Kathy Shea Mormino
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