Maybe I should wake up early on Saturday more often

I hate waking up early on a Saturday morning. I'm convinced its my insensitive work routine playing shitty tricks on me. Snickering with evil slanted eyes as it robs me of those precious extra weekend hours in my comfy warm bed. 

"Muahaha. She's up! She's up! The poor bugger. And a whole two minutes before that Bell Tower alarm usually chimes. Perfect. Top of the mornin' to ya, sunshine!"

If my work routine were a person I'd punch them square in the nose. 

But it's not, so I quietly grumbled to myself this morning as I rolled from my side to my back and stared sleepily at the ceiling. It was then, in my sleep deprived stupor, that I noticed how bright and beautiful our room was. Filled from corner to corner with warm glowing sunshine, vibrant rainbows and sparkly white unicorns (okay, so I exaggerated about the rainbows and unicorns. But it was that magical they really could have been there). I admired the cheerfulness of the morning as yellow beams of sunlight peeking through the curtains and made happy "Good Morning!" abstract patterns on our wall.  And somewhere between whispering cuss words at the clock and wiping the sleep from my eyes, I began to smile. I smiled because that bright sunshine signified something special. For the first time this year I could feel that giddy tingle that only happens when Vermont Springtime is nearly here. And it was that Vermont Springtime tingle that's been absent for years that singlehandedly made waking up at 7:14 on a Saturday morning not only bearable, but enjoyable. 

Hell, the only thing better could have been The Beatles singing Here Comes the Sun from the foot of my bed.

And so it was with an extra spring in my step (get what I did there?) that I hopped along our chilly tiled floor to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face, and casually tied my hair up into a messy pony tail. Within 20 minutes of waking up I was fully dressed in my running gear, fiddling with the I'm Sexy and I Know it playlist on my phone a hurrying down the driveway with a smile.
That extra sunshiny spring in my step meant that before 9 am I'd busted out a 4 mile run (which was slower than I'd like as it was riddled with hills and awful cramps - but nevertheless relaxed and relatively enjoyable), eaten breakfast, taken a shower, painted my face and booked a hair appointment with my friend Ashley for later in the morning. 
(Ashley, I love my highlights! Thanks so much, you're a little gem!)

The rest of the day was spent outside in the glorious 50 degree weather and endless sunshine we were graced with. Relaxed and centered primarily around tasting 80873945 different kinds of chili (which is weird, because Carl and I hate chili), Mom, Sonya, Jordan, Carlos and I spent the afternoon at the annual Vermont Chili Festival in Middlebury. It started 5 years ago (while I was in England) so the rest of the clan were all veterans, but for Carl and I it was a new experience. We meandered in and out of the crowds of chili lovers sporting our Chili buttons, voting tokens and plastic spoons. And regardless of the fact I only nibbled on pieces of bread or tortilla chips briefly dipped in the various spicy concoctions (no nasty ass beans beans the musical fruit or hamburg for this chick) I really enjoyed sampling all of the different yum-yums local Vermont restaurants had to offer.

 Today was sunshiny, happy and relaxed.  Just the way I like it.
I guess waking up early on a Saturday isn't so bad after all. 

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